Audit Services strives to ensure that the university has adequate internal controls.  While we do not own the processes and controls established by management, we want to help staff and faculty understand university policy and best practices so they can create the best possible control environment. Below is a list of training offered by Audit Services covering a wide range of important topics.

Fraud Awareness (Interactive)

Every department should be concerned about the potential for fraud.  It can not only affect you operations directly, but can also affect the university as a whole when occurrences make the news.  We should all take steps to limit the ability for fraud to occur within the university.  This course concentrates on necessary controls to limit the potential for fraud. (Click here to request training)

Internal Controls

Internal controls are a means by which resources are monitored, measured, and directed. They play an important role in detecting and preventing fraud.  Without proper internal controls, an organization would lack the ability to achieve its objectives. This course is an introduction to internal controls to help gain an understanding of what they are and how to establish them. (Click here to request training)