Undergraduate courses at the Hite Art Institute

Studio Art & Design

All Studio Art and Design courses are restricted to majors admitted to the Department of Fine Arts. [Hite Art Institute admissions information.]

Upper level (300 and 500-level) Studio Art courses are generally offered in both fall and spring semesters. Design courses at the 300 and 500-level, however, are traditionally offered only once a year, either in spring or fall semester. Note that both the 300 and 500-level courses in the studio and design areas, as well as in art history, have prerequisites. Check the online schedule of courses to see offerings for upcoming semesters, as well as any prerequisites for the courses.

Note: ART 101- Fundamentals of Drawing and Design and ART 102-Fundamentals of Digital Art are open to non-art majors.

Art History

Art History courses are open to all students at the University of Louisville. Most 200-level Art History survey courses — which also fulfill a General Education requirement — are offered both fall and spring semesters, as well in the summer and  online.

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