Accelerated Anthropology BA/MA

Anthropology continually searches for ways to streamline our students’ paths toward timely graduation. For this reason, in 2020 we inaugurated a combined BA/MA degree: AABAMA. This will allow capable and motivated students to complete their MA in three semesters rather than four, a savings of time and thousands of dollars. We encourage applications from student with strong undergraduate records. Here are the particulars and requirements:

  1. Students apply no later than the end of their 6th semester.  
  2. Applicants should have completed at least 18 hours in Anthropology, with at least 9 hours at a 300 level or higher, with a 3.3 GPA in these and any additional Anthropology courses. 
  3. Students first apply to the Department, with the indicated form. If admitted they then submit a separate application to the University Graduate School.
  4. Upon admission, students will select courses in consultation with their advisor and the DGS.
  5. Students may apply the same 9 hours of courses at a 500 or 600 level to both their BA and MA degree.
  6. Admitted students must maintain a minimum 3.0 G.P.A in all their coursework during their 7th and 8th semester-equivalent.
  7. Students may pursue either the thesis or experiential option within the MA program.
  8. All other requirements for the BA and MA programs remain the same.


Please keep in mind that the AABAMA may not benefit all of you highly motivated, talented 6th semester juniors.  The DGS will be happy to sit down with you, and together see if it makes sense.