Congratulations to Dr. Angela Storey for her being a 2021 TILL Teaching Innovation Award Winner!

Using her background in active learning pedagogies and learner-centered teaching, Dr. Storey overhauled her GenEd course, ANTH 201, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, and created the Peer Educator Program (PEP). The redesign revitalized the course. ANTH 201 is now a sought-after GenEd course that consistently fills each semester. Beginning in 2017 and running for eight semesters (even throughout the pandemic), the PEP has had 40 participants from 22 majors as of fall 2020.

The PEP is centered on a small, one-credit course, ANTH 430, Practicum in Anthropology Education. Students enrolled in this class are called Peer Educators and are taught active learning pedagogy and curriculum development. They design, create and lead “bonus sessions” for ANTH 201 students without Storey present. The course not only expands their knowledge of anthropology, it also helps them grow in the practice of teaching and in the process of teaching each other. For the ANTH 201 students, the bonus sessions led by the Peer Educators make learning fun and engaging and help students connect with one another.

Angela Storey, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
College of Arts and Science
University of Louisville