SeeRedNow is an initiative of the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of Louisville designed to change the dialogue about violence, encourage a deeper understanding of the underlying social injustices that are at the root of violence and inspire people to act for change.  SeeRedNow is about three things:

See – providing an intellectual framework for understanding the six manifestations of violence – domestic, community, political, economic, environmental, and hate – and how they are interconnected; the campaign calls us to wake up and pay attention to issues of violence and injustice in our communities and the world.

Redinspiring us to get engaged; we must “get fired up” and develop an emotional commitment to ending violence and injustice.

Nowcalling people to urgent action; each person can do something and the campaign challenges us to determine where we can have an impact, link with others and get started.


SeeRedNow is a multi-faceted campaign that features:


·        A compelling website,, that provides

o       basic information about the six manifestations of violence

o       some resources to help people initiate conversations and get started on their action plans

o       highlights on what others are doing

o       a way to connect to the Muhammad Ali Institute


·        Six powerful posters that confront the viewer with the six manifestations of violence, as described below.



Click on the images below to view the full-size posters and read the text they contain.


The Six Manifestations of Violence


Violence is…

Domestic when there is physical, sexual and psychological abuse in our homes and relationships


In the Community when murder, rape, assault, and intimidation invade our schools and streets


Economic when access to money and resources is used to control and deny


Environmental when disregard and over-consumption contaminate our air, water, and earth


Political when individuals, groups and states threaten, maim and kill to gain power or impose their will


The Result of Hatred when individuals and institutions deny the essential worth and dignity of every human being