Student Programs & Events

College Women's Leadership Conference

The stellar, student-led program under the umbrella of the University of Louisville Women’s Center, Women4Women Student Board, and Office of Civic Engagment, is the bi-annual Kentucky College Women’s Leadership Conference! People attending the conference will learn from local and national leaders, network with the leaders and other students, and begin thinking about the community around them, finding ways to begin using their skills to help the community. The learning gained through this conference is unlike learning gained from a classroom. This is not reading and answering questions in a class, this is taking elements that students may or may not have learned in class and enhancing them. Community leaders will provide concepts that students will think critically about and students will provide community leaders with networks within the University of Louisville. Not only will students be enhancing and learning new concepts, but they will be able to learn skills that are needed in order to truly be successful in the real world.

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Human Trafficking Conference

The Fifth Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Conference will take place on   February 4th, 2015on the University of Louisville's campus in the Student Activities Center Multipurpose Room.

We will be hosting a wide array of speakers including: Gretchen Hunt, Staff Attorney at Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, Thistle Farms, Dr. Theresa Hayden, Justice Administration UofL and Laura MacFarland, Case Worker Intern with Catholic Charities of Louisville Human Trafficking Program.

Raising awareness is one of the best ways to help prevent and combat human trafficking. To get involved, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Brigid Connelly .

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International Women's Day

This is a one day event dedicated to celebrating the cultural differences of women.  We plan to have various dancing, speeches, and activities that allow women at our university to learn about various traditions.

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Every semester the Women 4 Women Student Board hosts a FREE two-hour Zumbathon for the University of Louisville Students. This is a fun way to de-stress and meet board members.

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To get involved, please contact Jamieca Jones