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How do I submit a space request using the Resource25 web viewer?

by webmaster last modified Feb 18, 2014 01:11 PM

  • You may view the schedule of university events using the Resource25 web viewer.

  • After you have looked at the space and have found it to be open on the date (s) and time (s) that you want, you can submit a space request by clicking on My Request which is located in the large red box at the top of the page. 
  • If you are a first time user, you will need to establish or set-up an account. You will need to click under the user logon where it says “If you are not a currently a user, please click here."  Follow the instruction to set-up your account.
  • You can choose your own password.  It must be at least 6 characters in length and can be both numbers and alphabetical or combined.  Keep this password in a place where you can find it as it will not change.
  • Fill out as much information as possible on the request form.  Please be sure to include your department name.  If you cannot find your department name in the list, please use Other in the list as your department but include the name of your department in the comment section of the request.
  • Space request must be for the same year. Example, if you are requesting space for an event that starts in one year but ends in the next year, you must fill out 2 forms.
  • You must indicate what space you want.  If you cannot find the space in the specific space drop down box, then put the space name/room number in the Other space area.
  • Resources list on the webviewer are only for the School of Music.  If you want resources for other buildings, you can include this information in the comments section of the form.
  • Please review the Event Request Summary very carefully.  Make sure the dates and time are correct.  Check for AM and PM time.  You can either submit the request or make more changes.  If you click on make changes, the system will take you back to the request form.
  • If you click on submit request, the event request confirmation will appear with a summary of the information.  This means that your request was successfully sent to the scheduler, not that your request was approved.
  • Please allow 2 week for the space request to be processed.  You can check the status of your request by checking the Pending/Approved section of the webviewer.  When you requested has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the scheduler.  If you have questions about your request, you can contact the scheduler of your space (PDF).
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