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Dental School Renovation

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Architect:   Luckett & Farley Architects & Engineers

Design Consultant:   Odell Associates    

Civil/Structural/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering:   Luckett & Farley

Project Status:  The project is complete and achieved LEED Silver certification

Construction Completion:   July 2011 

Total Project Cost:   $43,900,000.00

Estimated Construction Cost:   $30,731,000.00

New Construction:   20,700 SF   

Renovation:   191,500 SF

Description:  The University of Louisville School of Dentistry is located in the heart of the Health Sciences campus at the intersection of Muhammad Ali and Preston Streets.  The Dental School is currently in the process of transforming its forty year old chassis into one of the premier dental teaching institutions in the country.  During the initial kick off meeting, several guiding principals were identified, which included operational objectives to increase the class sizes to 120 DMD students, modernize the facility, enhance the patient experience, and improve the Dental School image by creating a warm and inviting patient atmosphere.

In order to accomplish these goals, clinic spaces were consolidated and re-organized, new dental equipment was provided, and the existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure was upgraded to the latest standards.    

The general, restorative, and hygiene clinics was consolidated on the first and second floor.  The radiology and oral surgery clinics was also relocated to the first floor which allowed for easier public access.  The pedodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontic graduate programs was consolidated on the third floor.

The new addition on the east façade features the main lobby and clinical waiting areas, administrative support functions as well as graduate conference rooms.  The addition functions as the new “front door” with a signature image which will allow access to natural day lighting, and provide a balance to the distinctive concrete structures that surround it.

The exterior design concept was developed around the theme of defining the future by honoring the past.  The building design incorporates existing elements of roof overhangs, columns and concrete panels to create a cohesive addition that will create and new and modern image.  The distinctive and massive roof overhang is repeated with a curved metal panel soffit that mimics the visual lines of the existing façade.  The trade mark round concrete columns on the existing building, are repeated in a metal panel system and are used to establish rhythm along the new façade and are capped with a strong horizontal cornice.  The solid concrete panel walls were replaced with panels of glass that allows daylight to filter into the space and highlight active zones within the new addition.

 This building was designed to be eligible for certification as a LEED facility and achieved LEED Silver certification.

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