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Shumaker Research Building

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Architect:  Omni Architects

Design Consultant:  The Stubbins Associates

Laboratory Consultant:  Earl Walls Associates

Engineering Consultant:  Staggs and Fisher

General Contractor:  Messer Construction

Completed:  April 2006

Cost:  $47,800,000

Area:  103,261 sq. ft.

Description:  The Shumaker Research Building will provide a multi-user core facility for microtechnology research, education, and technology transfer.  Applications include microelectronics, MEMS, bioMEMS, biotechnology, chemical microsystems, bioengineering, nanotechnology, and other miniature applications.  The facility also includes a 10,000 sq. ft. cleanroom facility for Lithography, Deposition, Dry Etch and Wet Processes, and Alternative Microfabrication Techniques.  Over 40 research scientists with different specialties representing the Speed Scientific School, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Health Science Center will collaborate on research at the facility.

 2005 - Kentuckiana Masonry Institute Design Award of Merit

 2006 - Kentuckiana ABC Chapter "President's Award in Construction"

 2006 - Kentuckiana ABC Chapter Mechanical Institutional Award of Honor

 2007 - To 10 MicroNano Center in Commercialization - Small Times Magazine

 Belknap Research Building Exterior        Belknap Research Building Lab    
 Belknap Research Building Conference Room        Belknap Research Building Cleanroom    


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