ProCard Staff

,  Director, Procurement Systems and Card Operations; (502) 852-5280
Oversees Procurement Systems and the ProCard, Fuel Card, and Cardinal Card programs. 

, Administrative Specialist; (502) 852-4433
Assists with all card maintenance issues, including processing ProCard applications, coordinating card pick-up, canceling cards, speedtype changes, spending limit increases, and card declines.

, ProCard Compliance Analyst; (502) 852-5821
Investigates policy violations and suspicious activity within OnBase. Conducts compliance reviews of departmental procedures and individual cardholder activity. Provides OnBase support, including daily troubleshooting. Assists with Blackboard testing/training and approver/proxy/funding reviewer change forms.  

, Procurement Systems Business Analyst; (502) 852-8218
Responsible and accountable for the analysis of Procurement spend across all university payment methods and provide recommendations. Provides technical support to the ProCard Department.

The entire ProCard staff is available to assist in reference to restrictions, suggested use, and policies & procedures related to the ProCard program.

,  Merchant Services Manager; (502) 852-0892
Oversees Merchant Services which includes PCI DSS Compliance and the Fuel Card Program.
Merchant Services: Responsible for the coordination and supervision of all departmental merchant credit card activity for the university and affiliates including the administration of merchant accounts, monitoring activity and analysis of transaction costs. Performs compliancy review function in accordance with Payment Card Industry's data security standards (PCI-DSS). 
Fuel Card Services: The WEX Fuel Card program responsibility includes,  Fuel Card orders and cancelations, PIN number requests and cancelations, and monthly billing coordination. 

Organizational Chart