ProCard Staff

Jennifer Knight-Steier, Interim ProCard Manager; (502) 852-5280
Oversees card services that include the ProCard and Fuel Card

, Administrative Assistant; (502) 852-4433
Assists with all card maintenance issues, including processing ProCard applications, coordinating card pick-up, canceling cards, speedtype changes, spending limit increases, card declines,grant renewals, and reconciler/approver changes.

, ProCard Compliance Analyst; (502) 852-8214
Conducts compliance reviews of departmental procedures and individual cardholder activity.  Investigates policy violations and suspicious activity.  Prepares reports summarizing findings and presents recommendations for improving ProCard procedures. Provides PeopleSoft support, including daily troubleshooting.

The entire ProCard staff is available to assist in reference to restrictions, suggested use, and policies & procedures related to the ProCard program.

Organizational Chart