HIPAA Training FAQs

The HIPAA Basic Privacy Awareness and HIPAA Security Fundamentals training are required for members of the covered component of the university:

  1. In any position that would allow direct or indirect contact with personal health or health-related financial information – electronic, paper, verbal, in the lab – for either a clinical or a research purpose
  2. With direct contact with patients, OR
  3. Who are required to complete compliance training through the School of Medicine Office of Compliance (Those who do not need compliance training may still need to take HIPAA training.)

In addition, if an individual will be performing human subjects research that is reviewed by the IRB and that involves access to PHI, the HIPAA Research Fundamentals (or Research Refresher course, as applicable) is required.

Non-UofL individuals who will be utilizing UofL’s IRB or otherwise performing on UofL research teams are required to complete a series of HIPAA modules specific for the research context.

The UofL Privacy Office* does not require HIPAA training for shadowing or observation related activities lasting two weeks or less. In such cases the individuals who are shadowing or observing must execute a Confidentiality Agreement. If the activity will occur for more than two weeks, HIPAA training must be completed.

*NOTE: The clinic(s) or facility(-ies) where the observation or shadowing activities occur may require specific training or documentation for HIPAA or other regulatory or accreditation purposes. Please check with the clinic or facility supervisor for additional guidance.

UofL faculty, staff, or students, or those who already have a UofL sponsored account, can register for HIPAA training by completing the online registration form.

Individuals who do not have a sponsored account should refer to UofL IT’s website and the sponsoring department at UofL to initiate the sponsored account process.

Sponsored accounts for researchers at affiliated hospitals (e.g., Norton, Baptist, Kentucky One etc.,) may find help from their facility’s research administration offices.

No. Blackboard is not capable of generating a uniquely identifiable certificate of completion. There are two ways that may help show completion of training:

  1. Refer to the document titled “How to show course status using Blackboard Gradebook.pdf”.
  2. Email requests for verification through privacy@louisville.edu will be addressed as time allows.

There are several reasons why this might occur:

  1. Check the Blackboard grade book to verify A) all of the required tests in the course have been completed, each with a minimum score of 80, and B) that the completed training was HIPAA training and not another University required training (Ethics, Responsible Conduct of Research, Medical Billing Compliance, etc.) Use the instruction sheet “How to show course status using Blackboard Gradebook.pdf”.
  2. Upon entering a test module, Blackboard requires the use of the “cancel” button to exit without completing the test. If the exit occurs by closing the [X] box or any other means, Blackboard will post a “locked attempt” which prevents the unfinished test score from being posted. (Send an email to privacy@louisville.edu to clear any locked attempts.)
  3. Occasionally, there is a glitch in the grade book download process from Blackboard to the Privacy Office training database. (Send an email to privacy@louisville.edu)

No. The Human Subjects Protection Program Office (HSPPO) maintains the BRAAN2 system and can address questions about the BRAAN2 submission process. (Send email to hsppofc@louisville.edu)

If HSPPO indicates that your HIPAA training has expired or is otherwise incomplete, then a request for enrollment in the appropriate HIPAA course (HIPA Research Fundamentals or HIPAA Research Refresher) should be submitted at http://louisville.edu/privacy/enroll

No. The Privacy Office does not have administrative rights to update your grades in the BRAAN system or in University Reports.

  1. The grades from Blackboard are reconciled with the PeopleSoft (University Reports) and BRAAN2 systems overnight in an automated system process that can take up to 48 hours to complete.
  2. The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) may be able to reconcile individual scores to the BRAAN2 system if there is a problem with a submission deadline or the automated update system.

No, the Privacy Office does not have access to passwords for any University accounts.

Contact the UofL Helpdesk at 502-852-7997 or http://louisville.edu/password for assistance with passwords and log in questions.

Remember: NEVER give your passwords to anyone. No one from the Privacy Office or Information Technology will ever ask for your password.