HIPAA Privacy Training FAQs

HIPAA Privacy and Security training are required for the following groups of individuals:

  • Individuals assigned to a department or unit within  the health care component of the University of Louisville
  • Individuals who serve in a position that allows direct or indirect contact with personal information, protected health information, or health-related financial information for a research purpose
  • Individuals who are expected to have direct contact with patients or patient information.

 In addition, if an individual will be performing human subjects research that is reviewed by the IRB and that involves access to protected health information, HIPAA Research training is required. HIPAA Research training is found in the Human Subjects & HIPAA Training module on CITI.

HIPAA Privacy training for shadowing or observation related activities is required only if the shadowing or observation is expected to take longer than two weeks.  Individuals who are shadowing or observing for two weeks or less must execute a Confidentiality Agreement. 

*NOTE: Clinic(s) or facility(-ies) where the observation or shadowing activities occur may require specific training or documentation for HIPAA or other regulatory or accreditation purposes. Please check with the clinic or facility supervisor for additional guidance.

The CITI tool allows you to print your course completions. From your Main Menu, click on “View Previously Completed Coursework.”


No. The Privacy Office does not have administrative rights to update your grades in the iRIS system or in University Reports.

The Research Integrity Program will be automatically notified of your successful completion, and the data will be transferred to the master database for access by the University reporting software. Data updates are loaded each morning. If you need the database updated sooner, please call 502-852-2454.

No, the Privacy Office does not have access to passwords for any University accounts.

Contact the UofL Helpdesk at 502-852-7997 or http://louisville.edu/password for assistance with passwords and log in questions.

Remember: NEVER give your passwords to anyone. No one from the Privacy Office or Information Technology will ever ask for your password.