Hire a Musician

The University of Louisville School of Music & Career Development Center work collaboratively to provide opportunities for you to bring the enjoyment of music, musical excellence and exceptional performances to your events, receptions, special occasions, corporate functions, conferences, weddings or any other distinguished occasions for which you choose to hire a musician(s).  You will find the University of Louisville School of Music’s talented  student  musicians offer  performances ranging from classical music and jazz to a wide variety of other musical genres and styles.  

How do I Request a Musician(s)?
You may choose one of the following options to make the request for a Musician(s) as noted below:

1. Conveniently post the request for a Musician(s) as a job listing/music engagement/gig by clicking onto the on-line career management and job listing system Symplicity which is conveniently accessible 24/7 at: www.louisville.edu/career     

A. Type of Musician(s) Needed
B. Type of Event
C. Date, Time and Location/Address of Event
D. Specific Hours/Time Musician(s) Will Perform (Start Time and End Time)
E. Pay Rate
F. Complete Contact Information and follow-up preference (i.e. phone, e-mail)
G. Any additional, specific requirements (please specify)

All postings/job listings for requests for a musician(s) which are completed and submitted via e-mail are also posted onto Symplicity at www.louisville.edu/career  (School of Music students review the postings for musicians/music engagements/gigs listed on-line via Symplicity, regularly, and contact you directly to follow up as specified, i.e. phone/e-mail)

The musician(s) will contact you directly to discuss all necessary details such as repertoire, specific timing, travel arrangements, and negotiate the fee/fee rate.

What is the Cost/Fee to Hire a Musician?

Each musician negotiates the fee. However fees generally range between $100-125 per musician per hour, plus travel expenditures.

What if I have additional questions?

We welcome the opportunity to assist you.  You may contact us as follows:
Career Coach Sr. School of Music & Alumni, 502/852-6701 or 502/852-4708
Admissions Counselor Sr., School of Music, 502/852-1623