Suzuki Guitar

Welcome to the Suzuki Guitar Webpage! Here you will find information about the Suzuki Method as well as information regarding the Suzuki Guitar program.

What Is the Suzuki Method?
The Suzuki Method was developed by Shinichi Suzuki in Japan in the early 1900’s. Suzuki believed that there is no such thing as “inborn talent” but rather that every child has the ability to learn. Suzuki developed his method based on the premise that when a child is surrounded by a positive and nurturing environment he/she can accomplish great things.

The Suzuki approach is often described as a triangle, where one side of the triangle represents the teacher, the second side represents the student and the third side represents the parent. For the Suzuki method to work successfully engagement from each side of the triangle is necessary. This means that parents play a role in their child’s lessons. Parents come to the lessons to observe and take notes so that home practice will be efficient.

Suzuki Benefits
There are numerous benefits that come from the Suzuki Method. Many of these benefits include life skills such as discipline, focus, listening and respect. The relationship you have with your child may also be strengthened as you both work together.

Suzuki Guitar Program
Students in the Suzuki Guitar program will receive a weekly lesson and a monthly group class. Note reading and performance skills are explored in group class.

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