College Credit Classes

MUSD120 - This course is an introduction to dance that includes an initial exploration of basic dance fundamentals, an overview of the elements that constitute classical and modern ballet and a compendium of ballet and modern technique.

MUSD320 - This course is designed for the pre-professional ballet dancer to provide both training and performing experience. Ballet classes will be held on Monday and Thursday (4:00-5:30) and Saturday (10:00-11:30). Pointe classes will be on Tuesday (5:45-7:15) and Friday (4:00-5:30). Modern will be held on Wednesday (4:00-5:30). There are rehearsal time slots on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning into the afternoon. The specifics of each dancer’s rehearsal schedule will depend on casting. Dancers will be required to attend a minimum of four of the six available ballet/pointe/modern classes a week. Additional classes may be taken. Dancers will be required to participate in Clara’s Dream and to attend all of the scheduled rehearsals. Dancers will be required to work one full load-in shift and strike.