Residents & Scholarly Activity

Residents & Scholarly Activity

This full-day workshop is designed as a research basics refresher for residents as they prepare for their ACGME required scholarly activity. It provides an overview of the research process across medical specialties and introduces UofL resources.

It is offered twice in the spring and twice in the fall so programs may decide when it is most useful for their residents. Fellows are welcome on a "space available" basis.

By the end of this workshop, residents will have:

    • Explored at least two potential ideas for scholarly projects.
    • Refined at least one idea in terms of hypothesis and study design.
    • Participated in activities and discussions about the basic components of research design and implementation.

For more information please contact or Karen Miller.

A video*, Conceptualizing the Research Process with Dr. Carlton Hornung, should be helpful to all new researchers. It includes five brief modules:


Section II: Getting Started

Section III: What Has Gone Before: Using the Library

Section IV: Developing the Research Question

Section V: Refining the Hypothesis

*This production was funded by a grant from the University of Louisville Research Integrity Program.


Video script [DOC]

Links to related resources: GRADE 2 guidelines [PDF]; CONSORT checklist [PDF], and STROBE website