Cab Voucher Program

Cab Voucher Program

The cab voucher program is designed to provide a safe way for residents to travel to and from campus or the Veterans Administration Medical Center post-call.

All University of Louisville medical residents are eligible.  Any resident who feels that he or she cannot drive home safely due to fatigue or excessive sleepiness should ask for a cab voucher.

Cab Vouchers may be obtained at two locations:

HSC Campus Police Substation, Abell Administration Building, 1st Floor, 852-6111.  (24 hours)

VA Campus, Admissions and Evaluation Unite, Room B-165, 287-6782.

You must have a form of ID for verification in order to receive a voucher.  Instructions are included with the vouchers.

Once you have obtained the voucher, call yellow cab for pickup, 636-5511.

Give the yellow cab service one of your vouchers, please retain the PINK copies of the vouchers, place them in the provided addressed, postage-paid envelope and mail back to the house staff council.

Confidentiality:  Program directors, coordinators and fellow residents do not have access to any information regarding use of the cab voucher program.  Only house staff council and the GME billing department may access this information.