UofL NIEHS T32 Training Program In Environmental Health Sciences

UofL NIEHS T32 Training Program In Environmental Health Sciences

The NIEHS-funded T32 environmental health sciences training program at the University of Louisville incorporates numerous Centers, Institutes, Schools and over 50 faculty mentors to provide cutting edge basic, clinical, computational, and population-based research. Our predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs incorporate interdisciplinary and integrated approaches to environmental health sciences. The training program supports six predoctoral and three postdoctoral trainees. Initial student recruitment and funding for predoctoral trainees is provided by the University of Louisville Integrated Programs in the Biomedical Sciences recruitment gateway. Faculty mentors nominate trainees who have completed an approved dissertation proposal with a defined focus in environmental health sciences research. Faculty mentors nominate either existing postdoctoral fellows or trainees to be recruited. Teams of mentors (basic and clinical scientists or basic and population-based scientists) emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary training and translation of basic science findings to the patient and/or community. Our training program facilitates multi-disciplinary approaches for effective intervention and interfaces exceptionally well with the NIH Roadmap as well as with the strategic plans of NIEHS and the University. Presently in its 12th year of funding with Professor David Hein as Principal Investigator/Program Director and Dr. Russell Prough as Co-Investigator/Co-Director, the renewal proposal was submitted to NIEHS with Professor Gavin Arteel as Principal Investigator/Program Director and Professors Aruni Bhatnagar, Matthew Cave, and David Hein as Co-investigators/Co-Directors.  The renewal proposal received an outstanding review and is expected to be funded effective April 1, 2016 for an additional five years.

For further information, please contact the new program director:

Gavin E. Arteel, PhD, FAASLD
Professor and Distinguished University Scholar
Assoc. Chair for Research

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Mailing Address:
Room 506, CTRB

University of Louisville Health Sciences Center
505 S Hancock Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40292 (Courier, 40202)

+1-502-852-5157 (phone)
+1-502-852-3242 (fax)
gavin.arteel@louisville.edu (email)