Core Facility

Core Facility

The Microbiology and Immunology Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located in the Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) building room 651 and provides all investigators at the University of Louisville, or interested outside concerns, training and access to high quality affordable flow cytometry services.

Recent purchases of state of the art equipment includes a BD LSRFortessa configured with 488nm (blue), 405nm (violet) and 640nm (red) lasers supporting 14 color plus 2 scatter parameters, as well as a BD FACSAria III cell sorter configured with solid state 488nm (blue) and 633nm (red) lasers supporting 7 colors and 2 scatter parameters. The FACSAria III cell sorter is capable of 4-way sterile sorting with available options including automatic cell deposition sorting (sorting into plates), sample and collection temperature control and an aerosol containment unit.

Investigators have the option, once trained, of scheduling and performing their own acquisition and analysis on the LSRFortessa. Fees for use of the LSRFortessa are currently set at $25.00 per hour for University of Louisville investigators. Fees for training are currently set at $100.00 per session (usually two sessions required for beginners) with reduced or no fees with proof of operating expertise.

Cell sorting on the FACSAria III is performed only by the facility’s staff.  Fees for cell-sorting are currently set at $45.00 per hour for University of Louisville investigators. A $50.00 setup charge for cell sorting will be added to the hourly fee.

Please contact Robert Miller at regarding scheduling or fee information for non-University users.