Kyung Hong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine


Research Interests:

Dr. Hong received his B.S. from University of California Davis and M.S. & Ph.D. from University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is currently interested in understanding the cardiac progenitor/stem cell biology and its application to clinical settings. He is experienced in diverse fields of biomedicine ranging from stem cell biology to molecular cancer biology. His previous research involved elucidating and characterizing the stem cells of the conducting airway epithelium using innovative transgenic and knockout mouse technology. During his postdoctoral training, he further extended his expertise to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology by studying the mechanisms and functional importance of various post-translational modifications of novel tumor-associated proteins in the cell division process. He has recently joined the Cardiology research group at University of Louisville to become a part of the ongoing research effort focused on the cardiac stem cell biology.

Selected Publications:

Kim HJ, Kwon HR, Bae CD, Park J, Hong KU. Specific primary sequence requirements for Aurora B kinase-mediated phosphorylation and subcellular localization of TMAP during mitosis.Cell Cycle. 2010 May 15;9(10):2027-36. Epub 2010 May 15.

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