PLEASeR is a weight management system developed with the Primary Care Provider in mind. PLEASeR integrates, into a practice-friendly system, an obesity/weight management treatment approach recommended by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). NHLBI developed an evidence based algorithm found in Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults. The PLEASeR system screens for the most frequent maladaptive behaviors (eating, thinking and exercise) that can contribute to weight issues using a simple questionnaire, called the PLEASeR Weight Management Questionnaire. The questionnaire also contains readiness questions to help the provider determine the patient’s readiness for help. The completed questionnaire is coded (P L E A S e R ) so that the provider can easily determine what handout(s) corresponds to the maladaptive behavior. If the patient is unsuccessful with weight loss or asks for other programs, PLEASeR has a handout called "R"esources which gives other resource suggestions. Those resources can be made specific to the practitioners community. All documents can be downloaded by simply clicking on the link and printing.


Chart Note [PDF]

A detailed questionnaire that can be given to patients and/or used in medical records.

Introduction to Weight Management [PDF]

Food Journal [PDF]

P is for Physical Activity [PDF]

Handout explaining the importance of physcial activity for health.

PA is for Paying Attention [PDF]

What is My Body telling me?

L is for Loss of Eating Schedule and Balanced Meals [PDF]

Learn a Healthy Eating Balance

E if for Eating Out [PDF]

Learn to Eat Out Responsibly

A is for Addictive Eating [PDF]

Sometimes I feel like I'm addicted to food

S is for Stress Eating, Snacking and Soft Drinks [PDF]

Perils of Stress Eating, Snacking and Soft Drinks

E is also for Expense [PDF]

Eating Healthy on a Budget

R is for Reinforcement, Referrals and Resources [PDF]

Cookbooks, Websites & Community Resources for Weight Management