What are the premed requirements for application to ULSOM?

2 semesters of General Biology with labs (no AP credit accepted)

2 semesters of General Chemistry with labs

2 semesters of Organic Chemistry (labs optional)

2 semesters of Physics with labs

2 semesters of English/literature or communication

1 semester of Biochemistry

1 semester of Statistics (recommended)

See the Application Process for more details.

Do you accept AP/IB credit for premed requirements?

Yes, AP and IB credit is accepted to satisfy prerequisite course requirements, with the exception of Biology. If lab credit was awarded through AP/IB credit by your institution, it must be explicitly stated on your transcript. If your undergraduate institution accepted AP or IB Biology credit, two upper level Biology courses with labs are required to fulfill prerequisite requirements. ULSOM will not accept CLEP credit for any prerequisite course work.

Do you accept writing intensive courses in place of the English/communication requirement?

One writing intensive course may be substituted toward the two semester English requirement. Additionally, only one semester of AP/IB credit may be used toward the requirement, with one additional course required to be taken at the college level.

Are community college courses acceptable? What about online courses?

Yes, community college credit as well as college credit taken online is accepted, provided that is is awarded from a regionally accredited college or university.

    Can I apply to medical school if I have not completed all of my prerequisite course work?

    You may apply prior to completing your prerequisite coursework. However, all prerequisite course work must be completed prior to matriculation, if admitted.