i2a Steering Committee

Ideas to Action Steering Committee members and Subcommittees

Download the Ideas to Action steering committee charge issued in June/July 2013 by the Provost [PDF].

i2a Steering Committee Members 2013-2014

  • Alan Attaway, School of Business
  • Cathy Bays, i2a
  • Dale Billingsley, Undergraduate Affairs
  • Roger Buskill, Faculty Senate
  • Justin Cooper, College of Education and Human Development
  • Henry Cunningham, Office of Community Engagement
  • Pam Feldhoff, Office of the Executive Vice President for Research
  • Austin Finch, Undergraduate Student
  • Roy Fuller, Part-time Faculty
  • Cheryl Gilchrist, Office of Academic Planning and Accountability
  • Bob Goldstein, Office of Academic Planning and Accountability
  • Nisha Gupta, i2a
  • Judi Murray, i2a
  • Jennifer Osborne, Dental Hygiene
  • Patty Payette, i2a
  • Armon Perry, Kent School of Social Work
  • Lindsay Peters, i2a
  • Gale Rhodes, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Regina Roebuck, Arts and Sciences
  • Edna Ross, i2a
  • Montray Smith, Nursing
  • David Swanson, Arts and Sciences
  • Nancy Theriot, Arts and Sciences
  • Pete Walton, Public Health
  • Darcy Walworth, Music
  • Jerry Willing, JB Speed School of Engineering
  • i2a Partner, TBA

i2a Steering Committee Subcommittees 2013-2014

Members of the i2a Steering Committee, along with other campus colleagues, cluster their work around components of i2a and create subcommittees in order to move their work forward on specific i2a outcomes.

Assessment Subcommittee
Co-chairs: Cathy Bays and Cheryl Gilchrist
i2a Institute Subcommittee
Chair: Patty Payette
Digital Tools Subcommittee
Co-chairs: Patty Payette and Edna Ross
General Education Subcommittee
Co-chairs: Roy Fuller, Edna Ross and Cathy Bays
Community-based Experiences (CBE) Subcommittee
Chair: Nisha Gupta
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