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Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Member of the Month - February

Congratulations: Manuel!


Congratulations Manuel Medina for being Get Healthy Now (GHN)’s February 2016 Member of the Month! February’s theme is Heart Health; read along to learn how Manuel keeps his heart heathy.

Manuel has worked at UofL for 21 years. He is a professor in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages. His favorite hobbies include working out, reading, watching movies, and traveling. As an avid traveler, Manuel would like to one day walk the Inca Trail and navigate the Amazon River.

As a long time GHN member, Manuel keeps things fresh by adding variety to his routine. He has added the rowing machine, has increased his endurance on the stair-master, shoots basketball, and began yoga—in addition to his usual strength training routine. “I wanted to maximize my time in the gym and make my workouts more efficient,” he explains. Manuel is also working on his nutrition: “I have continued my healthy carbs, high protein, and good fat diet. Eating five smaller meals, instead of three large ones, throughout the day has helped me a lot.”

Working out gives Manuel motivation, energy and focus, allowing him to complete his daily tasks more efficiently. “If I miss a day, I feel lethargic and lack the energy needed to carry out any of my projects.” He appreciates the camaraderie and sense of belonging shared with his fellow colleagues who work out at the same time as he does. Having access to great health fitness specialists has been extremely beneficial in reaching his goals. “They are a great resource and I have learned so much from them. I started lifting weights five years ago at the old location. Without their help and encouragement, I wouldn’t have reached this much progress.”

Manuel is a testament to how consistent exercise and good nutrition can turn your heart health around. “Back in 2007, I had an angioplasty due to a partially blocked left coronary.  I learned that in addition to taking medicine to control my cholesterol, I had to improve my cardiovascular endurance to help my heart work more efficiently. The doctor also recommended that I start lifting weights. I work out to stay healthy and to keep my heart healthy. During my most recent stress test, the cardiologist told me that I was doing exceptionally well and that I should continue my exercise routine.” Manuel will continue attending the GHN Wellness Center regularly and keep up his healthy eating habits.

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