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I can honestly say that my success is primarily thanks to the support of Get Healthy Now, and especially the wellness coaching program. It has given me the mental support and encouragement I’ve needed, which has boosted my confidence throughout this past year tremendously!

- Amy F.

Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Members of the Month - March

Congratulations: Cherie & Lisa!


March Members of the Month

Cherie Marshall & Lisa Turner-Schickler

Meet Cherie Marshall and Lisa Turner-Schickler, members of the Cardinal family for over 30 years! Lisa graduated from UofL with a Master’s degree (Art Therapy) in 1989 and is currently a student, while Cherie’s husband has been an employee here for over 30 years!

Cherie’s hobbies include reading and traveling, whereas, Lisa enjoys walking, hiking, painting and drawing. In fact, Lisa is currently, writing a screenplay, as well. What is unique about Cherie and Lisa’s friendship is they also happen to be training partners at GHN.

They have both identified the importance a training partner or buddy system has in their own health journeys. “Lisa keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about working out!” Cherie said. “Having a training partner also helps me be consistent in showing up at the gym, plus the social aspect and encouragement to each other is super helpful,” Lisa added. Additionally, when working out together, Lisa and Cherie discuss different health concerns, aging, and lifestyle issues. Most importantly, “I get to spend time with my friend,” Cherie said.

While consistent exercising is important, establishing, and working towards, health goals also plays a crucial role for Cherie and Lisa. “I want to eliminate diet drinks, reduce alcohol consumption, and eat more fruits and vegetables,” Lisa stated. For Cherie, staying as healthy as she can possibly be is what motivates her. At GHN, both Cherie and Lisa are regular participants to the Workout of the Week (WOW), found on the 3rd floor dry erase board. “We like the WOW because it is a challenge that we are able to modify as needed and it changes every week,” Cherie explained.

With March being Cancer Awareness month, Lisa, a breast cancer survivor, shared a few important insights. “I think it’s very important to get screenings because early detection is key to catching the disease early and prevent it from advancing further!”


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