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I can honestly say that my success is primarily thanks to the support of Get Healthy Now, and especially the wellness coaching program. It has given me the mental support and encouragement I’ve needed, which has boosted my confidence throughout this past year tremendously!

- Amy F.

Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Member of the Month - September

Congratulations: Ibrahim!


Meet Ibrahim Imam, an impressive 33 year employee at UofL! Outside of work and working out, he enjoys listening to music and reading!

In the last six months, Ibrahim’s primary fitness goal has been keeping his overall health under control through exercise and nutrition. “I wanted to maintain and lose weight, while also controlling my cholesterol,” he said. To help with this journey, Ibrahim established a regular routine. “I started logging my calorie intake and also started an exercise regimen that the friendly GHN staff helped me create,” he stated.

Moving forward, Ibrahim has several components of health that he would like to continue to build upon. “I want to maintain my current weight, and control my cholesterol with the least amount of medication possible,” he said. “I also want to keep my back strong and flexible,” he added. Alternating between cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting exercises has also helped Ibrahim prevent unwanted muscle loss. Utilizing the GHN Wellness Center keeps Ibrahim accountable to his goals. “I really enjoy the InCycle and Mindfulness Koru classes and, after workouts, I love feeling of being energized,” he added.

Ibrahim’s “Bucket List” includes “spending a couple days at BMW’s driving track in South Carolina.” For the month of September, focusing on “Healthy through the Ages” is something that is important to Ibrahim. “I am so glad that I have been able to start a new lifestyle with exercise and diet at the center of my daily routine; this has improved my health and reduced my reliance of medications,” he said. “I have also gained more confidence in approaching physical activities. My only wish is that I would have started this in my younger years but as the saying goes, “It is never too late to start.” 




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