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Payroll Service Account

Payroll Reception Desk:   (502) 852-2978

Payroll Fax Number:        (502) 852-4674

The University of Louisville Payroll Services is a general administrative office under the direction of the Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller.

The purpose of Payroll Services is to effect accurate and timely payment of wages and wages-in-kind of University employees, subject to professional recognition of university, local, state, and federal policies, regulations, and laws.

This is achieved through coordination with University Human Resources, the Controller's Office, the Office of Planning and Budget, and the various university employing departments.  Payroll Services effects and serves all university offices and programs as well as organizations affiliated with the University of Louisville Foundation, Inc., University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc., and the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc.

Payroll Services is located on the corner of University Blvd. and Brook Street, Service Complex Building, Second Floor on Belknap Campus.  The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The department may be contacted by calling 852-2978.

Please contact the following individuals for the transactions indicated:

DOMESTIC PAYROLL: (All U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents)

Payroll Manager, Rebecca O'Bryan 852-2922

Select according to first letter of employee last name. 

New hires, rehires, terminations, and miscellaneous job data changes

(All non-resident aliens)

Payroll Manager, Sharon Robards 852-6259

Director of Disbursement Services, Mary Alexander-Conte      852-6273

Budget & Financial Planning
Phone: 502-852-6166

Grawemeyer Hall
Room 20
Louisville, KY 40292

Bursar's Office
Phone: 502-852-6503

Houchens Building
Room 101
Louisville, KY 40292

Controller's Office Administration
Phone: 502-852-6164

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, KY 40292

Accounts Payable and Travel
Phone: 502-852-8237

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, KY 40292

Payroll Office
Phone: 502-852-2978

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, KY 40292

Position Management
Phone: 502-852-2346

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, KY 40208-1707