Staff Directory

The following is an outline of the areas of responsibility in the Bursar's Office and the names and phone numbers of Bursar staff you may call for information and assistance. By clicking the name, you can send your question to the staff person at the Bursar's Office service account.

If this is a student account inquiry, please be sure to include
the STUDENT ID number and PIN with your email.

Greg Atkins - Bursar

Direct the operational, financial and personnel activities of the Bursar's Office. Full responsibility for the collection and depositing of University and affiliated corporation revenues; disbursement and collection of student loans; and, deposits of departmental transmittals.


Sandra Cole - Assistant Bursar, Student Services/Payment Plans

Heidi Pence - Assistant Bursar, Cash Operations Manager

Carrie McCubbins - Assistant Bursar, Loans and Collections

Allison Colvin - Student Account Representative


Liz Thomason - Student Account Representative

Cari Meadows - Disbursement Process Specialist/Student Refunds

Kristine Walters - Loans and A/R Reconciliation Specialist

Don Hudson - A/R Collections Specialist (Delinquent Accounts)

Robyn Becht - Cash Operations Process Specialist

Andrea Dolle - Third Party Process Specialist 

Ryan Crum - Loan Collections Specialist

Amanda Bringhurst - Cashier

Grace Isaacs - Cashier

Budget & Financial Planning
Phone: 502-852-6166

Grawemeyer Hall
Room 20
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Bursar's Office
Phone: 502-852-6503

Houchens Building
Room 101
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Controller's Office
Phone: 502-852-7072

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Payroll Office
Phone: 502-852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, KY 40208-1707

Position Management
Phone: 502-852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, KY 40208-1707