This policy applies to all UofL Recognized Student Organizations and Councils which sponsor, cosponsor, host, arrange, organize, participate in, or otherwise facilitate “student events”, (activities, functions, parties, gatherings, etc.) that are held on campus or off campus when University funding is used for the event.   Changes of this policy will be approved by the Vice President Student Affairs. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in disciplinary charges and sanctions against the Recognized Student Organization(s) and Council(s).

The Dean of Students or his/her designee will evaluate each event and notify the student organization and council if the event has been approved or not. The Dean of Students decision is final.

Section 1         Alcohol Laws and University Rules

The Code of Student Conduct ( prohibits the following:

  • Providing alcoholic beverages to individuals less than 21 years of age, or possession or use of alcoholic beverages by individuals less than 21 years of age.
  • Unauthorized possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage.
  • Unauthorized distribution of alcoholic beverages or possession of alcoholic beverages for purposes of distribution.

Section 2         Event Notification

Event Notification forms are available from, and should be submitted to, the Student Involvement Office, Room W310 Student Activities Center. An Event Notification form must be submitted with the Alcohol Request Form.

  • Events where alcohol is present may only be held in certain approved locations. Events may not be held at on-campus Greek facilities.
  • The Event Notification form must indicate the anticipated attendance and specific arrangements made for supervision and security at the event
  • The Event Notification form must be submitted a minimum of twenty-one (21) calendar days in advance of the event to the Student Involvement Office. Events may be canceled or alcohol will not be allowed without proper notification.
  • Event notification forms must be signed by at least one approved advisor of each sponsoring/hosting Recognized Student Organization or Council.

Section 3         Event Supervision and Security

Recognized Student Organization and Council officers and/or event organizers are responsible for arranging with the Student Involvement Office appropriate supervision and/or security for events where alcohol is served or consumed.

  • At least one of the advisors/staff/faculty who sign the event notification form should be present during the entire length of the event. Advisor/supervisor substitutions are only made on an emergency basis and must be approved in writing prior to the event by the Dean of Students or his/her designee.
  • For on-campus events involving 100 or more persons or open parties, Recognized Student Organizations or Councils shall also provide, at their own expense, supplemental security through the University Police. The Recognized Student Organization or Council must contact the Student Involvement Office at least twenty-one (21) calendar days prior to the event to arrange for supplemental security coverage.  In the event that the Recognized Student Organization or Council needs to cancel Police services, notification must occur at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled event or your organization will be billed. The Student Organization or Council contact person should notify the Police Operations Commander at 852-6111 and Julie Onnembo at 852-0317 to cancel Police services.

Section 4.        Education Requirement

At least two executive officers, one of whom must be the Recognized Student Organization/Council President or Social Risk Management Chairperson or their equivalents, must attend an alcohol education session. The President of the Recognized Student Organization/Council must sign an Acknowledgement and Review Statement indicating that the Alcohol Guidelines have been reviewed with the membership. The Acknowledgement and Review Statement must be returned by the deadline established annually. If executive officers do not meet the requirements listed above, no events involving alcohol will be approved.

Section 5         Failure to Follow Policy & Guidelines

Recognized Student Organizations, Councils, organizational leaders, and organizational members may be held accountable to both the University of Louisville and to criminal/civil authorities for violation(s) of this policy; governmental laws or ordinances; or any University rules, regulations, or policies approved by University officials. Recognized Student Organizations, Councils, organizational leaders and members are subject to UofL conduct proceedings regardless of the pendency of criminal/civil proceedings or other University proceedings.

Guidelines for hosting events with alcohol (PDF)

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