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Information for Patients

Patient with UofL Dentist

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry has been providing dental care for almost 110 years. It offers a full range of general and specialty dental services for the public. This information in this section will help you learn more about the type of patient care available through the school.

If you have any questions please contact us at 502 852-5096 or see a list of our important phone numbers.

About the Patient Clinics

The School of Dentistry offers three levels of care and a variety of programs and services to accommodate most patient needs.



Getting Started

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry's mission is to educate dental practioners. Patients are accepted for treatment in the School's clinics if their treatment needs are appropriate to satisfy the education objectives. Information about registration and downloadable forms...

Emergency Care

If you are a patient of the school and have a dental emergency, you can call your dental student or the School's Emergency Clinic (852-5096). For emergency care after 5:00 PM on weekdays and on weekends and holidays, our patients should call 852-5096 for information on how to get care. More about urgent care...

Fees and Insurance

Since the School of Dentistry gets part of its funding through its clinic operations, there will be a charge for the services you receive. Patients are requested to pay for services at the time treatment is provided. The School accepts cash, personal checks, major credit cards and most dental insurance plans. Our Patient Services Office can assist you with questions about your bill and in processing your insurance claims. To contact Patient Services, please call 852-5096. Read more about fees and insurance...

Important Phone Numbers

A full list of phone numbers is also available.

Becoming a Patient of the School 502 852-5096
General Dental Care 502 852-5096
Children's Dental Care (age 14 and under) 502 852-5642
Emergency Dental Care 502 852-5096
Advanced General Dentistry 502 852-5677
Endodontics 502 852-5677
General Practice Residency 502 852-7660
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 502 852-7660
Orthodontics 502 852-5625
Periodontics 502 852-5100
Prosthodontics 502 852-5677
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