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Admissions Requirements

Applicants must hold either the DDS or DMD degree.  Other course work may be required as individualized programs are developed by the faculty to meet the specific needs of each student.

Those applying for the Graduate Endodontics Program are encouraged to have at least one year of experience in general dentistry, i.e.; private practice, member of the Armed Forces, Public Health Service, or an AGD/GPR experience.  However, this is not absolutely necessary.  We do not require a GRE exam score for admission.

International Applicants

We require the following:

  • Official Course-by-Course Evaluation Report from ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.), P.O. Box 514070, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203-3470-USA -
  • National Board scores are preferred but not required.  If there is an equivalent exam from the country of origin, that may be acceptable.
  • Official report of TOEFL examination results

All applicants for whom English is a second language must take the iBT TOEFL examination to provide evidence of proficiency in written and spoken English.  Applications for the examination may be obtained from:

Test of English as a Foreign Language

Education Testing Service

Princeton, NJ  08540

Application Process

To apply to the Graduate Endodontics Program, please complete an application via the Postgraduate Service (PASS) through the American Dental Association, which allows you to apply to more than one program at a time.  If you prefer not to use PASS,  please complete an application [PDF] and return to:

Stephen J. Clark, DMD

University of Louisville School of Dentistry

501 South Preston Street, Room 334

Louisville, KY  40292

Applications  must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application fee.

Once accepted into the Graduate Endodontics Program, a separate graduate school application for a MS degree must be submitted on-line.

Tuition & Fees

There is a fee assessed each semester of enrollment, based on the full-time graduate student tuition at the University of Louisville.  This fee is determined each year and therefore subject to change.  Tuition for 2014-15 is $11,326 for in-state residents and $23,568 for out-of-state residents.  An annual program fee of $7,000 is also required.  Contact the program to obtain the current fee.

A $300 non-refundable fee, which is deducted from the yearly assessment, is also required upon acceptance into the program.

Financial Aid

Information on financial aid is available from the Graduate School site.

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