Our Charge

The Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality (CODRE) was established in 1998 when UofL President, John W. Shumaker, gave CODRE the charge:

  1. To serve as the President's Chief Policy Advisor on issues of Diversity at UofL.

  2. To monitor and assess unit actions to develop and implement plans to enhance campus diversity and to report to the President periodically on the progress of the units in implementing their action plans.

  3. To recommend to the President:

    • New or revised initiatives that should be undertaken to make the University more welcoming and supportive of persons of color;

    • Strategic and tactical actions that the CODRE and the Commission on the Status of Women (COSW) can carry out to improve the learning and working environments at UofL;

    • New initiatives to support crucial dialog and effort to promote cultural values and diverse perspectives that characterize America and must be reflected in our University; and

    • Success as a preeminent metropolitan research university.

  4. To recommend specific and annual funding strategies to achieve the annual objectives of the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of the UofL Foundation as they relate to issues of diversity.

  5. To serve as consultant to members of the President's Staff, Executive Cabinet, and individual units that seek assistance with implementing action plans on diversity, particularly environmental changes.

  6. Serve as the Campus Environment Team.

  7. Support and/or develop diversity programming that will help improve campus climate and augment student learning.

  8. Respond rapidly to diversity issues.

Revised May 21, 2002