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Summer students can receive a card beginning May 1.  You must be enrolled in classes at least one day before you can receive a card.

Your first Cardinal Card is FREE!  Find out more information about how to obtain a card.  Students must be registered in the current semester at least one day prior to getting a Cardinal Card.  Employees must be entered in the payroll system at least one day prior to getting a card.

The Cardinal Card is the official identification card for University of Louisville students, faculty, and staff.

What can I do with my Cardinal Card?


Please visit one of our office locations if you need to obtain a replacement card.  All replacement cards are $10.00.  

Cardholders are responsible for purchases made on lost or stolen cards before the card is reported lost or stolen either online or to the Cardinal Card Office (502-852-7520).  If a card is not reported lost or stolen, the cardholder is responsible for all purchases made on their lost or stolen card.


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