Master of Arts in Anthropology

General description of the Master of Arts in Anthropology at the University of Louisville.

The objective of the MA in anthropology at the University of Louisville is to enhance student knowledge of and skills in dealing with contemporary social issues facing a globalizing community and world from an anthropological perspective and to be able to locate these in the long progression of human history and within the body of social science theory.  We expect our graduates to enter professions as skilled administrators, researchers, and leaders.  Although students may focus heavily on evolutionary anthropology, archaeology, or cultural anthropology, this is a general, comprehensive masters program.  Anthropology is the queen of multidisciplinary work, and we see our students taking courses from and pursuing collaborations with colleagues in Humanities, Sociology, History, Women and Gender Studies, Pan-African Studies, Political Science, Art History, Biology, and the Kent School of Social Work.  Students with little or no academic background in anthropology will be required to take some preparatory courses determined in consultation with the Department of Anthropology's Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Christopher Tillquist.