Faculty Advisory Group


The University of Louisville Muhammad Ali Institute Faculty Research Group (FRG) facilitates, engages in, and disseminates theoretical and empirically-based teaching, research and service related to social justice, peace building and violence prevention, and Muhammad Ali themes to the University, local community, nation, and the world. The group fosters viable collaboration among its members as well as with colleagues in various academic units both within and outside of the University of Louisville. The FRG is further committed to training both current and future Ali Scholars, which equips the next generation with the necessary tools to contribute to the aforementioned themes.


As the academic and research arm of the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of Louisville, the Ali Institute Faculty Research Group (FRG) advances social justice, peace building and violence prevention through its empirically-based work. The FRG brings together a diverse group of scholars while taking an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to studying critical social issues and Muhammad Ali themes for the purpose of providing practical information to support social change.

In addition to engaging in research activities, members of the MAI Faculty Resource Group mentor the Muhammad Ali Scholars, providing expertise in their subject areas, teaching excellence in conducting research, supporting the students’ community based projects, and grooming them for graduate study and professional careers. As the Ali Scholars Program expands globally, the FRG plays a critical role in promoting collaborative research by linking with their faculty colleagues in partner universities, creating a worldwide network of dynamic academicians who work for social change.

The dissemination of the global faculty networks’ findings through publications and local, national and international gatherings provides an evidence-based understanding of the global nature of local issues, creates a platform for the sharing of resources, and highlights practical solutions to social challenges. Because of the work of the Muhammad Ali Institute Faculty Resource Group, practitioners - individuals, community based organizations, international NGOs, service providers, educational institutions, businesses, and governments - are better equipped to make decisions and design programs that move communities toward equitable access to resources and opportunities, non violent solutions to problems, cross cultural understanding, and the promotion of human dignity.


  • Mentor Ali Scholars
      • Equip Ali Scholars with tools to conduct research in their respective fields (with the potential of retention for graduate study)
      • Ali Scholars will assist faculty in research projects as appropriate
  • Conduct and disseminate research related to the Muhammad Ali Institute, Muhammad Ali Center and University of Louisville educational and programmatic initiatives such as
  • Create courses related to Muhammad Ali Institute themes
  • Seek opportunities to write grants relevant to work coming from the Muhammad Ali Institute