CLEP Exam Credit

The College awards credit on the basis of scores on the CLEP Examinations for the scores indicated below. Find out how to take the CLEP exam on UofL's campus. Scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions as soon as they are available. Visit College Board's website for more information.

Upon receipt of test scores the appropriate number of credit hours will be entered on the student's record. Test scores for new freshmen are received after the time of summer orientation/registration. Students will need to work with their academic adviser to ensure duplicate courses are not taken.

Check with your academic advisor and/or school to make sure they accept the AP/CLEP test you plan to take. Medical schools do not accept CLEP credit for their pre-requisite courses. Students seeking admission to other professional schools or institutions should check with those institutions admissions requirements.

Courses that meet General Education requirements are denoted by a General Education Code.

Please click on the CLEP Test title for the College Board's exam descriptions, skills required, and study guides.

CLEP Test Required Score Course Awarded

Algebra, College

50 or higher

MATH 111 - QR (3hrs)

American Government

50 or higher

POLS 100X (3hrs) *

American Literature

59 or higher

ENGL 311 (3hrs)

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

51 or higher

ENGL 250 - AH (3hrs)

College Biology

50 or higher

BIOL 102 - S (3hrs)

Calculus w/ Elem. Functions

50 or higher

MATH 205 - QR (4hrs)


50 or higher

CHEM 201, 202, 207 - S/SL (7hrs)

College Composition

No credit awarded, please see the
English Dept. for writing portfolio option

College Mathematics

50 or higher

MATH 200XGENQR (3hrs)**

English Literature

63 or Higher

ENGL 301 (3 hrs)

Financial Accounting

50 or higher

ACCT 201 (3hrs)


50 - 58

FREN  121 & 122 (8hrs)


59 or higher

FREN  121, 122, 123 (12hrs)



GERM 121 & 122 (8hrs)


63 or higher

GERM 121, 122, 123 (12hrs)

History of US I: Early colonization to 1877

50 or higher

HIST 200XGEN SBHD1 (3hrs)

History of US II: 1865 to Present

50 or higher

HIST 200XGEN SBH (3hrs)


50 or higher

HUM200XGENAH (3hrs)

Human Growth & Development

50 or higher

EDTP 107 (3hrs)

Introductory Business Law

50 or higher

CLAW 301 (3hrs)

Introduction to Educational Psychology

50 or higher

EDTP 100X (3hrs) *

Natural Sciences

50 or higher

BIOL 102 – S (3hrs)


50 or higher

MATH 190 - QR(4hrs)

Principles of Microeconomics

50 or higher

ECON 201 - SB (3hrs)

Principles of Macroeconomics

50 or higher

ECON 202 - SB (3hrs)

Principles of Management

60 or higher

MGMT 301 (3hrs)

Principles of Marketing

60 or higher

MKT 301 (3hrs)

Psychology, Introductory

55 or higher

PSYC 201 - SB (3hrs)

Social Sciences & History

50 or higher

UNIV 100X (3hrs)*

Sociology, Introductory

50 or higher

SOC 201 - SB (3hrs)



SPAN 121 & 122 (8hrs)


66 or higher

SPAN 121, 122, 123 (12hrs)

Western Civ I: Ancient Near East to 1648

50 or higher

HIST 200XGEN SBH (3hrs)

Western Civ II: 1877 to present

50 or higher

HIST 200XGEN SBH (3hrs)

* Please note that this course does not meet the General Education requirement. Students will, however, receive elective credit.
** Please note that if your degree program only requires Math 105 that this exam would meet that requirement. Please see your academic advisor if you have questions.

Transfer students with 30 or more transferable hours, who have CLEP Credit posted on a previous college transcript do not need to submit CLEP scores. Transfer students with less than 30 transferable hours, or who do not have CLEP credit posted on a previous college transcript, need to submit test scores to the Office of Admissions.