Past Programs

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Campus Talk Description

Campus Talk: Rape Culture In Popular Music

In light of the necessary conversation about the "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series, the Women's Center is partnering with the Women Gender and Sexuality Department and various UofL student organizations for a Campus Talk roundtable discussion about the prevalence of rape culture in popular music and it's industry which silences Women’s voices as an effect.
Speakers include: Dr. Kaila Story, Lamont Johnson, & Dr. Michael Brandon Mccormick

Campus Talk: The Wonderment of the Wakandian Warrior Women

Join Dr. Kaila Story for a multimedia and interactive discussion on the women in Wakwanda and how they reflect the power and beauty that existed in pre-colonial as well as contemporary continental African societies.


Campus Talk Description

Campus Talk: Stain the Stigma

Let’s talk about it. Period. Join us for a fun, interactive & informative session on all things menstrual! 

Campus Talk: Life Lessons from June Cleaver - Women in the 1950s

Join us as we discuss women in the 1950s - career vs. housewife, motherhood, marriage & dating and beauty & fashion.

Campus Talk: The Ugly Side of Women in Media

Join us as we discuss the "ugly" side of women in the media - music, ads, video games and movies/tv.


Campus Talk  Description

Find the Fierceness in You: Closing the Confidence Gap

Stop playing by the rules and find the ‘fierceness’ in you! Join the Women’s Center, Career Development Center & the Noble H. Kelley Psychological Services Center in using mindfulness to overcome your fears and gain confidence.

I’m #Flawless but Society Won’t Let Me Be

A Women's History Month event celebrating women and unpacking conversations of women in the media and reality TV, hair, colorism, and the "angry black woman." All are welcome to come, discuss and celebrate the achievements and progress of women! Lunch provided! Co-Sponsored: Women's Center & Cultural Center.

Is Your Love Lit?

Know what you want, what you bring & what you deserve! Join the Women’s Center & PEACC as we cover topics such sharing your value of love, commitment, communication and boundaries, and learn how to identify your wants/ needs with another in a healthy way.

Find the Flawsome in You! 

Join the Women's Center & Hispanic Latino Initiatives as we discuss issues related to body image and find the "flawsome" in you!

“When a Woman’s Fed Up”

Fed up? Let’s talk! Join us as we come together and vent about what really has us fed up! 

Turning Passion into Power: The Intersection of Our Struggles

Join us as we discuss Women in various social justice movements with a panel of student social justice leaders. Speak up and be heard!
Co-spnsored by: UofL's Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research

I've Kinda Been Secretly Falling Apart

Post-crying-mini-breakdown session? Join the Women’s Center, Health Promotion, the Counseling Center and UofL's Psychological Services Center to learn some fun ways to let it go!


Campus Talk Topic Description

The Singularities of Traveling as a Woman

Traveling comes with risks and cautions. Traveling as a woman has even more dangers to consider. Attend this informative session hosted by the UofL Women's Center, Office of Study Abroad and UofL PEACC to discuss and learn about what it's like to travel as a woman, domestic and abroad.

Portrayal of Women in Media

We invite you to share your opinion about the roles of women in media. Our discussion will be led by Dawn Heinecken, Ph.D. American Cultural Studies, and professor of Women and Gender Studies.

Her Issues are Everyone's Issues: A Look at the Current Realities of Women

Join us to discuss the realities that women face!

Topics include: Glass Ceiling. Mind Your Head, Respect me, don't media me!, Danger. Unrealistic expectations ahead, & You deserved it for dressing like that.

Beyond Vixens, Hot Sauce, & Drug Lords. A multidimensional Look to Latinos in the U.S.

Join us to discuss the reality of Latinos in the U.S. with UofL Hispanic/Latino Initiatives!

Topics include: Intersections of Identity, Not Everyone Speaks Spanish, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts, Latinas in the Media, and Immigrant Realities.

Talking Race, Gender & Sexuality, Talking Empire

Dr. Kaila Story will be discussing Lee Dainiels hit show "Empire," and the performance of race, gender, and sexuality by the characters. 

Facilitated by: Dr. Kaila Story, Associate Professor, Women & Gender Studies and Pan-African Studies

First, second and third generation Latinas: Keeping our roots while growing up in America 

Join the Women's Center & The Hispanic and Latino Initiatives for Campus Talk: “First, second and third generation Latinas. Keeping our roots while growing up in America.” 

Female Sexuality

Become empowered to explore new ways to boost your sexual well-being from learning about your body and its capacity for pleasure to expressing your ‘wants’ and ‘won’ts’ with a partner.

Facilitated by: Sara Choate, Program Coordinator, Health & Promotion 


Social Media, Social Networking, and Social Justice: Integrating these Elements to Promote Change

A conversation about Social Media, Social Networking, and Social Justice: Integrating These Elements to Promote Change in Ekstrom Library W210. 

Facilitated by: Honorable Attica Scott, former Louisville Metro Council Member

Addressing the Myths of Homosexuality

Facilitated by: The LGBT Center at University of Louisville, Katy Garrison

Gender & Sexuality: What does it mean to be fluid?!

Facilitated by: WGST Instructor Dr. Kaila Story

Women of Color: We Speak for Ourselves

A conversation around specific issues, celebrations & personal stories pertaining to women of color in recognition of Black History Month in Ekstrom Library W210. Co-Sponsored by the UofL Cultural Center

Facilitated by: Adjunct Professor Khalilah Collins