International Women's Day 2014

The 1st annual International Women's Day Cultural Awareness Event was hosted by Women 4 Women Student Board and the University of Louisville Women's Center. Dedicated to celebrating the cultural differences of women by raising awareness of some of the many underrepresented cultures or religions on campus through dance performances, songs, poetry and international food. 

Sponsored by UofL Women's Center.

Event Agenda



Aaisha Hamid, International Women's Day Chair 

Introduction to Program

Dr. Kaila Story, PhD

Latin Dance Performance

Lorena Gonzales & Luis Arduz, LAHSO

Pressing International Women's Social Issue: Domestic Violence

Marta Miranda, CEO of Center for Women and Families

Bosnian Song

Merjem Effendira, Muslim Student Association

South Asian Women Presentation

Laura Duncan, Beaded Treasures Project Member

African American Dance Performance

The Mystery behind the Veil

Bailey Higgens, Muslim Student Association

Poetry Reading

Aaisha Hamid & Amy Walden