Based on your ACT/SAT score, you need to take the Accuplacer Test

Before registering for a testing appointment, you should download the Accuplacer Study App at


  1. WAIVER (take it for free): Must meet qualifications for free and reduced lunch. Contact Testing Services at 502-852-6606 for verification and scheduling.
  2. IN-PERSON: Scheduled by appointment Monday – Thursday between 8am – 3pm. For local students and those without computer access. Click here to schedule. $15
  3. ONLINE (Zoom): Reserved for out of town students ONLY (over 50 miles from campus). Scheduled by appointment Monday – Friday between 8am-3pm EST (Louisville Time). Click here to schedule. $15 CHECK TIME ZONE CHANGES TO BE ON TIME!!!!
  4. ONLINE (Local Zoom):  Prior to Orientation sessions starting local student option (50 miles or less from campus), for those who don't want to come to UL for testing.  ZOOM testing option during office hours with our Testing Services staff scheduled by appointment only Monday - Friday between 8am - 3 pm.  Click here to schedule.  $25  
  5. ANYTIME (through Examity): 24/7 at your convenience, including weekends.
    1. Make sure you have a computer, web cam, high speed internet connection, and private, undisturbed environment to test.
    2. Go to and click on VERIFY SYSTEM at the bottom of the page to verify your computer meets minimum specifications before selecting this option. If it does, return to this screen and click the link on the next line to request your voucher.
    3. Click here to request your voucher number before scheduling test. Allow up to 2 business days to receive your voucher.  If you haven't received the voucher after 2 business days, please call Testing Services at 502-852-6606 to request the voucher processing.
    4. After you receive your voucher by email from Accuplacer, you will be directed to the Examity website to schedule.
    5. You will be required to create an account with Examity and then pay the $25 fee to schedule your future appointment.
    6. Follow the directions in your appointment confirmation email to log in to take your test.
The UL Math Accuplacer test consist of 3 sections.  You must score a 276 or higher on each section to advance to the next section.  The test starts out with Arithmetic, if you score high enough you advance to Quantitative Reasoning and finally to Advanced Algebraic Functions.  You MUST always start with the Arithmetic section when taking the math Accuplacer.  Unless you are retesting, in which you can start in the last section you completed.



Since there are a limited number of Accuplacer sessions, once you schedule your appointment time, be sure to show up or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid the NO SHOW penalty.  If you miss your appointment time or are over 15 minutes late, you MUST reschedule your testing appointment with Examity and will be required to pay their $25 testing fee.


Students are allowed to retest on Accuplacer once they have been spoken with their advisor/testing staff about their scores and corresponding course placement. You may retest on either/both the Math or Reading Accuplacer.

 The MATH Accuplacer test contains 3 sections which are given in order (Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning & Advanced Algebra Function). Each section has 20 questions and requires a score of 276 to advance to the next section.  When registering for a Math Retake, you may begin the lowest section where a score of 276 or higher was not achieved.   Ex: If you score a 280 in Arithmetic but do not score a 276+ in Quantitative Reasoning, when you sign up for the retake you may choose the QRAS section as the retake option.  If you score a 276+ in both the Arithmetic and QRAS sections, you may retake starting from the AAF section.  If you need a score from the Advanced Algebraic Function section, you must score a 276 or higher on both of the lower sections before you may take the AAF.  If you are unsure of which one to choose, please call our office. 

 The READING Accuplacer test has 20 questions that emphasize the meaning of words in extended contexts and how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact. To place out of the GEN 105 Reading Intervention course, you must score 250 or higher.

Students are encouraged to use a two-week waiting period for study and review of test content areas if they were unsuccessful in placing into a math course required by their major (e.g., QR or College Algebra and higher). ACCUPLACER tests have high test-retest reliability coefficients (a measure of consistency of scores obtained by the same person when reexamined with the same test on different occasions). This means that if students retest without review and study, there is a high probability that their scores will not change appreciably. A review of ACCUPLACER data shows that two weeks is the optimal waiting period since it allows students adequate time to locate study materials and sufficient time to review them thoroughly.

The testing fee will be collected upon each administration according to the option used for testing

Deciding Whether to TEST or RETEST on Accuplacer:

 If you are admitted as Test-Optional, you are still required to take Accuplacer. Under KY state law (13 KAR 2.02), we must know whether you have the required skills to be successful in certain classes.  If your ACT/SAT does not allow you to take the Math class you need/want for your anticipated major, take Accuplacer.  If you take Accuplacer and earned the necessary score for the Math class required by your major, then register for that class during your advising session.  If your first Accuplacer testing score does not allow you to register for the Math class required by your major, study for a minimum of two weeks and retake Accuplacer. If you earn the required score on the retest, then register for a class during your advising session. If you did not earn the required score, you will need to register for either GEN 103 or GEN 104 (based on your score). You are welcome to work with a REACH tutor to help you review/practice math concepts on the Accuplacer. We encourage using Accuplacer practice materials for the Math and Reading tests, which can be found online at Study GEN103104 and/or Study GEN105.

Score Expiration Policy:

Students with SAT, ACT, KYOTE or Accuplacer scores older than one year should register to take the Accuplacer for a more accurate math course placement.

ADA Accommodations:  

If you have received ADA accommodations such as reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe from U of L's  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

The ACCUPLACER placement exams are UNTIMED, so no ADA accommodations are required for extended time candidates.


You should always check with your Academic Advisor if you have questions and before registering for classes.

Click the links below to find your:

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Math/QR course required for your anticipated academic major

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