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Fostering Academic Resilience Scholars Program

Why We Do What We Do

Too often, the high educational aspirations of underrepresented (e.g., low-income or students of color) and under resourced (e.g., youth formerly in foster care) students are perturbed by systemic barriers, such as affordability, systemic racism, lack of mentors, and more.

The Fostering Academic Resilience (FAR) Scholars Program has one goal: To remove barriers to educational attainment for marginalized students through the application of research-based practices and resources. Strategies for achieving this goal include: translating existing research for practitioners and policy makers; applying original UofL FATES Workshop research; and using the FAR Scholars Program as a vehicle for engaging, mentoring, and guiding students who have high aspirations but may themselves face systemic barriers to achievement.

FATES Research

Currently UofL is collecting data about campus support programs for youth formerly in foster care. This is being done through the UofL Fostering Attainment Through Educational Supports (FATES) research team.

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FAR Scholars Program

FAR Scholars Program is committed to serving students who have experienced foster care, identify as wards of the court, are under legal guardianship, or are unaccompanied homeless youth, by supporting their transition to, through and beyond UofL.

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