University of Louisville, Department of Sociology, Faculty


 Beggan Photo Carini Photo Christopher Photo

Mark Austin, PhD

123 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-3569

community sociology,
urban sociology, fear
of crime, 
edge work 

James K. Beggan, PhD

128 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-6069

gender and sexuality;
decision-making; and
leadership and heroism

Robert M. Carini, PhD
Associate Professor

129 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8030 

leisure, sport, education

Karen Christopher, PhD
Director, Graduate Studies

110 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8022

gender, family, work,
motherhood, race, class

Kushan Dasgupta, PhD

Assistant Professor

108 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8026

medical sociology,
sociology of science,
race and ethnicity,
sociology of knowledge


 Heberle photo  Marshall Photo

Melanie J. Gast, PhD
Associate Professor

105 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8042

ace, ethnicity, racism;
racial, class, gender inequality;
immigrant students/families;
community/school programs;
qualitative methods 

Lauren Heberle, PhD
Department Chair

125 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8043

urban sociology,
environmental sociology 

Michal Kofman, PhD
Associate Professor

127 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8029

comparative sociology/historical
sociology, law and society,
political sociology,
Marxist sociology/theory


Gul Marshall, PhD
Director, Undergrad Studies

  126 Lutz Hall 
(502) 852-8027

gender, politics,
social movements,
social policy,

Deborah Potter, PhD
Associate Professor 

104 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-7983

medical sociology,
sociology of mental health,
social policy, and
qualitative methods

Roelfs Photo

David Roelfs, PhD

130 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8038

economic sociology,
social epidemiology

Hiromi Taniguchi, PhD
Associate Professor

109 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8005

  work/family interface;
personal and social
life course

Jasmine L. Whiteside, PhD
Assistant Professor

112 Lutz Hall
(502) 852-8014

sociology of education,
race and ethnicity and class, 
rural sociology,
sociology of poverty,
qualitative methods