Hiromi Taniguchi, PhD

Associate Professor


Hiromi Taniguchi is an associate professor of sociology. She received graduate education in economic and political sociology, and organizations. As a postdoctoral fellow, she specialized in life course research. Over the years, she published research on motherhood wage penalty, employment exit, nontraditional college enrollment, formal volunteering, environmentalism, personal relationship, and subjective wellbeing. Her recent (2023-2024) publications concerned subjective wellbeing among transgender and nonbinary folks, and public opinions toward Japan’s conjugal surname rule.

Hiromi teaches intro statistics and methods. As a faculty affiliate of the Asian Studies Program, she teaches a course on Japanese families where students of various majors come together and learn family processes and relationships from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Research Areas
work/family interface; personal and social relationships; life course

Teaching Areas
SOC 301 Social Statistics

SOC 303 Research Methods
SOC 350/AST 391 Japanese Families
SOC 405 Community Engagement