David Roelfs, PhD



Dr. Roelfs is an associate professor of sociology whose research interests include macro-level organizational analysis (the study of changes in industries over time) and meta-analyses of the social determinants of mortality. Recently completed projects include a study of the effect of climate and other geographic factors on transnational immigrant mortality (with Eran Shor) and a study of museum characteristics that are associated with art vandalism and theft (with Katherine Salomon, Ryan Schroeder, Peter Morrin, and John Begley). In addition to ongoing research on shopping malls (with Jamar Wheeler) and on the correlates of mortality among transnational immigrants (with Eran Shor), Dr. Roelfs is currently engaged in a study of the US mega-church population (with Rob Shelby), institutional influences on neighborhood revitalization projects (with Joe Bohn), and macro-level predictors influencing physicians’ practice location decisions (with Timothy Lau).

Research Areas
Economic Sociology
Social Epidemiology

Teaching Areas
SOC 301 Social Statistics

SOC 374 Money, Economics, and Society
SOC 610 Statistics II
SOC 655 Social Problems