Dr. Cynthia Ganote discusses the Breonna Taylor case on KPFA Berkley and again on KPFK Los Angeles

Dr. Cynthia Ganote, visiting assistant professor in sociology, was interviewed by the Saturday Evening News for KPFA Berkeley (Pacifica Radio) on Saturday, September 19.  Running from about 7:55 through 11:40, Dr. Ganote discusses the record settlement that Breonna Taylor's family received this past week as a result of their civil suit, along with mandated police reforms, clearly noting that the setltement does not mean justice forTaylor.  She also talks about the link between KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and how the criminal investigation has been delayed for months, in contrast with the rush that Senator McConnell has said he will place upon the nomination process for a new Supreme Court Justice in the wake of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Dr. Ganote was interviewed again for KPFK Los Angeles on the decision handed down by Daniel Cameron on the Breonna Taylor case. The show, "Beneath the Surface," aired on Sunday, September 27.