Congratulations to our PhD and MA August graduates

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the four PhD and two MA students who will be graduating this August

  • Jonathon Holland, PhD
    • June 17:  “The Norms Are More Guidelines Than Actual Rules:  Applying Isomorphism to Disability Accommodations in the Catholic Church”
    • Chair:  Dr. Dave Roelfs
  • Jennifer Hall, PhD
    • July 13:  ““The Sidewalk Less Traveled: Evaluating Change in Community and Police Perceptions”
    • Chair:  Dr. Lauren Heberle
  • Eric Jordan, PhD
    • July 27:  “Exploring Black "Saviors": A Content Analysis of Black Characters, and Racial Discourses, in Obama Era Films”
    • Chairs:  Drs. Karen Christopher and Melanie Gast
  • Theo Malone, PhD
    • July 27:  ““Getting Up: An Ethnography of Hip Hop Graffiti Writers, their Art, and Perceptions of Society’s Reactions”
    • Chair:  Dr. Pat Gagne'
  • Rebecca Halpryn, MA
    • July 7:  “Connecting Right-Wing Authoritarianism to Environmental Beliefs and Behaviors:  A Pilot Study”
    • Chair:  Dr. Mark Austin
  • Michael Daugherty, MA
    • July 27:  “"Gun Ownership as an Expression of Whiteness and Masculinity"
    • Chair:  Dr. Carson Byrd

 Jonathon, Jenny, Eric, Theo, Becca, and Michael – we wish you all the best!