What is SGA


Student posing in front of the US capital building flashing the L hand sign.SGA is comprised of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, as well as the Student Activities Board, the Engage Lead Serve Board, and the Student Organization Advisory Board.

  1. Executive Branch is the main administrative body of SGA. With assistance from the executive staff, the top four officers are chiefly responsible for representing student interests to external government influences, administering the policies, procedures, and programs of the SGA, soliciting the opinions and concerns of the student body, and serving as liaisons to U of L administration.
  2. Legislative Branch determines rules and procedures in accordance with the SGA Constitution. In addition, the Legislative Branch have the responsibility of chartering student organizations that it deems have fulfilled the requirements for recognition established by it through the Student Organizations Board and have the power to approve or disapprove all allocations of SGA monies​.
  3. Judicial Branch have the role of being the interpreters of the SGA Constitution and SGA Bylaws. They hear any and all cases concerning the SGA Constitution and SGA Bylaws and arbitrates in matters between student organizations, branches of SGA and election disputes.
  4. Student Activities Board provides social, multicultural, recreational and educational activities for the University’s students and other interested members of the UofL. SAB is the programming arm of the Student Government Association and strives to provide quality, fun, and educational events and programs for the entire student body.
  5. Engage Lead Serve Board strives to enhance the education of students by providing structured experiential and developmental opportunities that encourage community engagement, model good leadership, and allow active service. The board promotes collaboration between organizations and focus areas that encourage philanthropy, service, leadership development, and civic engagement.
  6. Student Organization Advisory Board fosters a healthy environment for every student attending the University of Louisville through the power of student involvement. SOAB serves to provide support to the UofL's Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and involve staff and strengthen communication between the Office of Student Involvement and RSOs. SOAB also hopes to create a bridge between Student Government Association and RSOs as well as be a resource for RSOs and educate new and currently standing RSOs. SOAB provides RSO Engage workshops, RSO Leadership Development Training, disperses funding to RSOs through the Club Programming Committee, reviews new RSO applications, RSO Fairs, and more so that our 500+ student organizations can thrive.


The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student governing body of the University of Louisville. SGA works to be a voice for fellow students on campus and in the Commonwealth. Our mission is to provide students with representation within the university structure.


We, the members of the student body of the University of Louisville, recognizing the need for a representative, functional, and democratic form of student government at the University -wide level, do hereby establish this Student Government Association as the student governing body of this institution. Our aims are:

  • to provide an effective organization for the administration of student affairs
  • to promote and protect student rights and responsibilities
  • to create a stronger bond among students and among all student organizations
  • to provide official channels through which student opinions may be expressed; to promote full cooperation among students, administration, faculty, and staff
  • to improve student physical, social, and cultural welfare
  • to safeguard the academic and individual freedoms of the students of the University of Louisville
  • to improve the status of students in the University community
  • to promote diversity and fairness on campus and in the Student Government Association.

Realizing that a student organization founded on these principles is a cornerstone in the building of a better University community, we do hereby endeavor to administer policies and activities that best fulfill the needs and interests of the University Student Populace.