Allyson Banks

2016 Etscorn International Summer Research Award

Allyson Banks

Allyson Banks

UofL junior Allyson Banks has received an Etscorn International Summer Research Award to travel to Amman, Jordan, to examine U.S. and Middle Eastern policies and to further study the Arabic language. The $6,000 scholarship was awarded to Banks by the College of Arts and Sciences.

“In the words of Mark Twain, ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.’ This award will allow me to expand my knowledge outside of the University of Louisville classroom walls; the world is now my classroom.”

Collegiate experience

  • Areas of study:
    Graduates in 2017 with a degree in criminal justice from the College of Arts and Sciences.

      Inspired By:

      Professor Khaldoun Almousily has been a huge factor in my interest and studies over the summer in the Middle East. He is a professor but also a mentor, a friend and a figure of charisma. I was extremely nervous entering the classroom two semesters ago attempting to learn a new language. However, he encourages me every day that Arabic is easy and that he will help me in any way possible. This scholarship I have received is because of him and I hope that I am able to travel to Amman, Jordan, his hometown, and make him very proud. I would recommend Professor Almousily and his Arabic classes to anyone.

      Hometown information

      • Hometown:
        Louisville, Ky
      • High school:
        2013 graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park High School
      • Parents:
        Cheryl and Jeff Banks, both of Louisville