When a clinical trial ends, department financial personnel work with Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) to ensure all expenses have been invoiced and all payments have been received and appropriately disbursed.


Study regulatory personnel must provide notice of the closure to any oversight bodies that have provided approval for the trial, including the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).


An industry sponsor may issue an amendment or letter of termination when a clinical trial comes to an end. Your Clinical Contracts Division (CCD) contract specialist processes such documents.

To close a project in the university’s financial tracking system, CCD grants and contracts assistants (G&CAs) need confirmation that the project has indeed ended and all closing details have been taken care of. When provided with the following documents, your G&CA can conform the project end date in the tracking system to the actual end date:

  • Sponsor: Termination letter or acceptance notice that study is complete
  • IRB: Institutional Review Board “study complete” letter
  • Department: Request to close the file or acknowledgement of sponsor’s termination notice

With the following further confirmations, a G&CA can mark the project “closed” in the tracking system:

  • SPA: Sponsored Programs Administration has been provided a department D account to which to transfer residual (if not to be returned to sponsor)
  • SPA: SPA has been provided department certification that all financial obligations and expenses are complete and study is closed
  • SPA: Notice that SPA processes are complete and chartfield has been inactivated