Affiliated Hospitals and Sites

Inside UofL

University of Louisville Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

Outside UofL

University researchers typically conduct clinical research at one or more of the following hospitals/facilities. Each of these facilities is affiliated with the university and permits research to be conducted on site by university researchers, but each is a separate legal entity. The university obtains the appropriate approvals from the respective sites before subject enrollment is permitted.

In addition, the operators of such facilities do not want to be held liable for the industry-sponsored clinical research UofL performs. By entering into separate agreements with the sponsors of the clinical research, the sponsor agrees to relieve the facilities of such liability. The nature of these agreements depends upon the study; less complicated studies require only a letter of indemnification (LOI) while more complicated research generally necessitates a facility use agreement (FUA).

University of Louisville Physicians (ULP)

Norton Healthcare

KentuckyOne Health and Catholic Health Initiatives Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI):