Amendment to Existing Project

Change an Agreement

Amendments or modifications to the terms and conditions of existing agreements are processed much as the original agreements were. To amend an existing clinical agreement, please forward the following document to CCD.

    • Amendment or modified notice of award

Change a Chartfield (Account)

To revise to an existing chartfield (account), submit your request to CCD either by e-mail with a copy (cc) to the PI and appropriate departmental authority/representative, or on the Investigator, Budget, and End Date Revision (IBED) Form. If the revisions fall within the existing agreement terms and conditions, no amendment is needed.

A signed IBED Form provides acknowledgment of the PI’s and department head’s approval. E-mail requests on which PI and department head are copied may be submitted in lieu of the IBED Form. Such approval is necessary in order to revise a chartfield or to commit resources to a project beyond those committed previously (via PCF or MIRA). CCD staff will determine if an amendment is necessary in such a case.

To revise an existing chartfield, please forward the following document to CCD.