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This page contains information that is needed to enhance your registration experience.  It offers answers to important questions related to registration.

Academic Advising

Cardinal Card Information

Dean of Students

Declaring or Changing Majors

Directory Information

Disability Resource Center

Off Campus Student Services

Online Courses

Parking Information


Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Purposes

Severe Weather Policy and Procedures

Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Student Financial Aid

Student Health Insurance

Student Right-To-Know / Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act Notice

Student Success

Testing Services


Unit’s Telephone/Location Directory

Academic Advising

Academic advising at the University of Louisville is an ongoing, intentional, educational partnership dedicated to student academic success. The University is committed to an academic advising system that guides students to discover and pursue life goals, supports diverse and equitable educational experiences, advances students' intellectual and cultural development, and teaches students to become engaged, self-directed learners and competent decision makers.

Each individual undergraduate unit at the University offers quality academic advising services and has developed its own system for advising. This page provides information on how to find and contact your academic advisor based upon your unit of enrollment.

To determine who your academic advisor is, where their office is located, what the advising requirements are for your unit, and more select one of the links below:

Advising requirements for Undergraduate students

Advising requirements for Graduate School students  

Cardinal Card Information

For information regarding Cardinal Card go to

For Dining Services information go to

Dean of Students Office

To find out information regarding the following, please click on the links below:

The Code of Student Conduct:

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Student Handbook:

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy:


Declaring or Changing Majors

To change your major or declare your major, you must go to the advising unit or dean’s office of your enrollment unit. A member of that office will assist you in selecting the appropriate degree and major for your area of interest.

Directory Information

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the U of L Student Records Policy, the University of Louisville may release certain categories of “directory information” about you, such as your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number without first obtaining your permission. The telephone directory, for example, uses this information. You may instruct the University to withhold your directory information. If you wish to do so, you must obtain the required form from the University Archives and Records Center, Ekstrom Library. A new form for non-disclosure must be completed each year. See:

Disability Resource Center

For information regarding the Disability Resource Center go to

Off Campus Student Services

For information regarding Off Campus Student Services, please go to:

 Online Courses

For information regarding online courses

Parking Information

University parking permits are required on University property between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm Monday thru Friday.  
Visitor pay parking and meters are available on Belknap and Health Sciences Center Campuses.
Contact the Parking Office for information at (502) 852-7275 or visit website at


To find out information regarding REACH 


Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Purposes

The initial determination of residency status is made during the admission process. A status may be appealed by filing an affidavit and providing documentation to the Registrar’s Office. Information packets, including the regulation and affidavit, are printable from or are available in the Registrar’s Office – Houchens Building, Room 31.

 Severe Weather Policy & Procedures

When weather conditions warrant a decision to remain on regular opening schedules or to deviate, UofL administration, when possible, will announce schedule changes for morning classes by 6 a.m. and for evening classes by 3 p.m. For the purpose of severe weather announcements, evening classes are those that begin at or after 4:15 p.m.
If the university is operating on normal schedules, it will make no announcement.
Official Information
UofL will provide official information on deviations from normal schedules via:
1. A notice on the university home page ( and on the UofL Today site
2. Text messages sent to students, faculty and staff who sign up for UofL Alerts. Sign up for alerts today.
3. Alert messages sent to all dorm and office VoIP phones
4. E-mails sent to students and employees on their Groupwise accounts
5. A recorded message at 502-852-5555
Local media also will be contacted, but the most reliable sources are those above.

Delayed Schedule
When administration announces a delayed schedule, it will cancel classes up to a certain time and begin with the full class schedule at that point.
A delayed opening until 10 a.m., for instance, means that classes that end before 10 a.m. will be canceled. Students who normally would be in class at or after 10 a.m. should go wherever they would be at that time unless they have received other instructions from their instructor in advance. Those should be included in the course syllabus.
The School of Law and schools located at the Health Sciences Campus will notify their faculty, students and staff of any delayed class schedule they follow.
Shelby Campus and Belknap Campus Evening classes, Weekend classes, and Fort Knox classes may be cancelled for bad weather. Faculty will make special arrangements to make up classes missed because of the cancellation.


Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Students who have complaints, grievances, or concerns regarding courses taken at the University of Louisville or other university academic policies or services should submit a written complaint through the online complaint form ( The Student Advocate manages the student complaint process and will assist students in resolving individual complaints or forwarding complaints to the appropriate unit, department or program contact. This service is available to all students. The Student Advocate may be reached at (502) 852-5757 or  

If the complaint involves an academic matter, and a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached at the informal level, the student will be referred to the Student Grievance Officer. The Student Grievance Officer is responsible for informing students of their rights and obligations under the University grievance procedures. For more information, please go to the Student Complaint Process ( and Chapter 6 of the Redbook (


Student Financial Aid

Our office is located in room 110 of the Houchens building. For current office hours and information on the financial aid application process, visit our website at Specific information on policies and procedures is available in the Consumer Information section of our website. You may also call our Call Center at (502) 852-5511 or e-mail us at

APPLICATION PROCESS AND AWARD NOTIFICATION: File the 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at for fall 2020, spring 2021, and summer 2021 federal and state financial aid. For summer 2020 financial aid consideration, you must have a completed 2019-2020 FAFSA on file. Once you have submitted your FAFSA, in order for your financial aid to be awarded and disbursed properly, you must monitor your mail and UofL e-mail account for information requests and your award notification. It is essential that you report outside aid sources to our office along with any UofL departmental scholarships you have been awarded. Our office will be notified of scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions. Award notifications will direct you to and to for specific award information so that your financial aid properly disburses to your student account. If you are receiving an aid source that is not listed on your ULink account, contact us immediately.

ANTICIPATED FINANCIAL AID: To settle your bill with the Bursar’s Office with anticipated aid, you must have a completed financial aid file with our office by the priority deadline date as indicated on our website for the given term. A completed financial aid file includes a current year FAFSA, all requested documentation, and notification to our office of any departmental scholarships or aid resources from outside UofL. Descriptions of other methods of account settlement are located in this publication under Financial Settlement Options.

FINANCIAL AID DISBURSEMENTS: For your financial aid to properly disburse to your student account, you must accept offered aid, respond to all requests for additional information and documentation, and complete all required promissory notes and entrance interviews for which you have been notified.

You must notify us if any of your student status information changes with Student Records such as your residency, academic program, or enrollment status. You must be registered under the same Student ID number as your Financial Aid Application was processed. Should your enrollment status with Student Records change prior to the term’s 100% drop/add registration date, your financial aid will be reevaluated and you will be responsible for repaying any funds that you were not eligible to receive.

Financial Aid from most federal and state aid programs is based on a student’s enrollment as of the census date each semester. Census date is the published last day to drop at 100% tuition credit. Waitlisted courses are not included in a students enrolled hours. After the published census date, aid adjustments are made for the term and no other adjustments will be made for enrollment changes. Students have the right to appeal to the Financial Aid Office for unusual circumstances causing a late add. To ensure proper posting of your financial aid awards, please be sure you are registered for the correct number of hours as of census date.

For students whose financial aid file is complete, the first disbursement of financial aid funds to the Bursar’s Office should occur prior to the first day of classes. Students who are enrolled in special courses that have late start dates may have later disbursement dates. You can notify our office of your part-time enrollment status by submitting the Part-Time Adjustment / Enrollment Update form available online at

Federal direct loans, subsidized and unsubsidized, and PLUS programs will be disbursed by our office and will be credited to your student account once your enrollment is verified, but not prior to the first disbursement scheduled for the term. All federal loans must have a valid master promissory note on file and students must complete entrance counseling prior to receiving their loan. To complete these requirements, and to view step by step instructions on Parent PLUS, Graduate/Professional PLUS, and alternative student loans, students should visit the ‘Loans’ section of our website, If you have a Health Professional Loan, you will need to have completed a master promissory note ( and entrance interview ( on the Bursar’s Office website.

If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study and you choose to use this award, you will receive payroll checks on a bi-weekly basis. These funds do not credit to your student account.

Federal Student Aid funds designated for a specific year (i.e. 2020 Aid Year for Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020) cannot be credited to a student’s account balance in a prior award year.

Alternative student loans received by our office by either EFT or paper check will be processed and sent to the Bursar’s Office. Students will be notified at their UofL e-mail when the loan funds have been posted to their account. If a paper check is received and forwarded, students will be instructed to visit the Bursar’s Office to either pick up or endorse the check, depending on if the account balance has been paid or not.

Student Health Insurance

Campus Health Services --


Key Phone Number:                                           502-852-6479

Primary Care Health Fee                                ---

Waive Primary Care Health Fee                     ---

Health Insurance                                            ---

Immunizations for First Time Freshman       ---

 Student Right-To-Know / Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act Notice

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, commonly referred to as the Clery Act, requires higher education institutions to collect, report and disseminate crime data to the campus community and U.S. Department of Education; to provide timely warnings of reported crimes that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees; and to make public their campus security policies. In compliance with this legislation, University of Louisville Department of Public Safety disseminates public safety alerts to faculty, staff and students, produces an annual crime report, and maintains a log of reported criminal and fire incidents.
The University of Louisville Annual Security and Fire Safety Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crime that occurred on campus including certain off-campus buildings owned or controlled by University of Louisville, on public property within or immediately adjacent to University of Louisville and or accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus safety, such as alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, crime reporting, sexual assault and others. Fire statistics are for on-campus housing facilities and reported to the U.S. Department of Education.
The University of Louisville is committed to assisting all members of the university community, but each shall assume responsibility for their own safety and security. The annual security compliance document is available on the University of Louisville Department of Public Safety website at You can obtain a written copy of this report at the University of Louisville Police Department, 2126 South Floyd Street, on the 1st floor of the Belknap Parking Deck.

 Student Success

Information regarding The Student Success Center

Testing Services

Testing Services provides the University with various entrance exams as well as providing proctoring services for Correspondence Exams from other institutions and UofL faculty make up exams. Now also a Prometric Center offering computerized exams including the GRE, PRAXIS, TOEFL, and many others.
Davidson Hall, Room 310
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am–4 pm
For further information (including dates, costs, etc) on taking the ACT, Math Placement Exams, CLEP exams to earn college credit, and any other services we offer, please visit our website at


Tuition and Fees: The most current information on tuition charges is available on the web at:

Online Course Tuition: Online courses provide learning that is independent of time and location. Rather than gathering in a classroom, students and instructors interact in several ways. Most courses with sections 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54 are online courses. Each online course will have a note under the course noting this course is online. Tuition for online courses is the same for both the in-state and out-of-state students. Students are charged in full for online courses even if taking a full-time regular (non-online) course load. Online courses are charged separately based on the level of the course (undergraduate/graduate) and in addition to any regular (non-online) courses a student may be taking. Students receiving tuition scholarships should check the monetary value to determine whether the cost of online courses is covered.

The most current information on online course charges is available on the web at:

 Payment of Fees & Student Financial Responsibilities

Your tuition and applicable fees are due on or before the designated due date for the semester. Payments may be remitted in the form of cash, paper check, money order, cashier check or the use of your anticipated financial assistance. Please include the student ID number when remitting payments.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment Options may be reviewed on the Bursar’s Home Page at:

For Online Electronic Payments (e-check or debit/credit card), students may remit their payments online via ULink or the Make a Payment link on the Bursar’s Home Page ( A convenience fee will be assessed for all debit/credit card payment.

Failure to receive a statement of account will not relieve the student of financial responsibility for making financial settlement by the designated due date. For more information on Due Dates, refer to the Bursar’s Home Page at

Please note the amount due by the Due Date would be the applicable Tuition and Fees (including housing and dining) LESS a student’s anticipated financial aid award. Payment Due dates are as follows:

Summer 2020 Registrations on/or BEFORE May 8, 2020 Due Date: May 8, 2020

Summer 2020 Registrations AFTER May 8, 2020 Due Date: Within 72 hours of enrollment

Fall 2020 Due Date: August 21, 2020

Spring 2021 Due Date: January 12, 2021

Further information regarding payment due dates, payment information and payment plans can be obtained by visiting the Bursar’s web site at:

FINANCIAL PENALTIES: Student accounts that are not paid by the established semester deadlines may be subject to financial penalties. Students with unpaid account balances may be placed on Bursar Registration Hold by the Bursar’s Office. Students placed on Bursar Registration Hold become ineligible for further registration, official academic transcripts and/or access to diplomas until the student account balance is paid in full. A late payment fee may be assessed if the student’s account balance is not paid by the established due date.

A student whose paper or electronic check payment is returned for non-payment may be assessed a return check payment fee. If the restitution is not made within 7 days of notification, the student may be subject to course registration cancellation and/or legal actions.

Students with past due balances who are no longer enrolled and have not made satisfactory payment arrangements may have their past due balance placed with collections. The university policy refers to the Student Financial Responsibility statement in which the placed student account balance may be assessed the costs and expenses associated with the recovery of the past due balance including any legal or attorney fees. The university also may elect to report any information on the past due balance to the credit bureau organizations.


When a student officially withdraws from the university or from any course or courses, for which hourly tuition rates apply, tuition and student activity fee charges will be adjusted according to the tuition adjustment schedule printed in the Registration Information newspaper. The effective withdrawal date is the date on which the withdrawal is processed in the student records system. This date is used in calculating any applicable tuition reduction. The full amount of the tuition/fee charges for the semester will be due unless the withdrawal occurs during the tuition adjustment period. The tuition adjustment schedule for each semester is available on the Bursar’s web site under the Tuition Adjustment Schedule. Course fee, special fees and laboratory fees are reduced only with a 100% tuition adjustment.

Financial Aid Recipients

FINANCIAL AID RECIPIENTS: If you expect financial aid to cover any portion of your semester charges, and you are not informed at the time of registration that you qualify for financial aid, you should check with the Student Financial Aid Office ( If your financial aid is not credited to your account or received for disbursement to you, you must settle your account in full or you may be subject to a late payment fee.

Determinations regarding refunds of resulting credit balances will be based on regulations governing the financial aid awarded to the student.

Federal regulations mandate that students have the right to cancel all or a portion of a loan disbursement and have the loan proceeds returned to the lender. To request cancellation of all or a portion of your loan, contact the Student Financial Aid Office in writing. (Student Financial Aid Office, University of Louisville, Louisville KY 40292).

SENIOR CITIZEN TUITION REMISSION: The university offers tuition remission to individuals who are classified by the Office of Admissions as residents of Kentucky and are at least 65 years of age on, or before, the first day of classes for the semester as determined by the Registrar’s Office. Special costs, such as course fees and parking, are not covered by this program and are the financial responsibility of the student. Proof of age must be shown by presenting a driver’s license or other age verification document at the Bursar’s Office.

 Unit’s Telephone/Location Directory — Area Code (502)

Arts & Sciences
Gardiner Hall...........................852-5502
Business Bldg. ........................852-7439
Continuing Studies
Houchens Bldg. LL08 .............852-4974
Dental Bldg. ............................852-5081
Education and Human Development
Education Bldg. ......................852-5597
School of Interdisciplinary and
Graduate Studies
Houchens Bldg........................852-6495
Kent School of Social Work
Oppenheimer Hall ...................852-6402
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Wyatt Hall ................................852-6358
School of Medicine
Abell Administration Center....852-1499
Music Bldg..............................852-6907
K Building................................852-5366

J.B. Speed School of Engineering
J.B. Speed Bldg......................852-8084
School of Public Health and Information Sciences
SPHIS Bldg..............................852-3299
Admissions Office
Houchens Bldg.
Application Processing....852-6531
Graduate Admissions......852–3101
Application Processing....852-0514
Bursar’s Office
Houchens Bldg........................852-6503
Campus Bookstore
Student Activities Center.........852-6679
Cardinal Card...........................852–7520
Houchens Bldg. LL05
Disability Resource Center
Stevenson Hall 119.................852-6938
Financial Aid Office
Houchens Bldg.......................852-5511

Fort Knox Program .................852-6444
Honors Program .....................852-6293
Office of Military and Veteran Student Services.....................852–6442
Houchens Bldg. LL32
Parking Office-Belknap Campus
Floyd St.
Parking Garage............852-PARK (7275)
Parking Office-Health Sciences Center
Chestnut St.
Parking Structure.....................852-5112
128 Strickler Hall....................852-7460
Reach .......................................852-6706
Registrar’s Office
Houchens Bldg. (31)................852-6522
Shelby Campus
Burhans Hall............................852-6456
Student Grievance Officer......852-6293
Veterans Affairs.......................852-0998
Houchens Bldg. LL32

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