Kentuckiana Metroversity, Inc. is a cooperative effort consisting of the following institutions: Bellarmine University, Indiana University Southeast, Ivy Tech Community College, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Spalding University, and the University of Louisville. A full-time student who is in good standing after earning a minimum of 12 credit hours at their home school may enjoy cross registration, double degree programs, library privileges, innovative off-campus experiences, and extracurricular activities at any of the other schools (certain restrictions apply). Full-time UofL students should consult their academic advisor and the Registrar’s Office to ensure proper enrollment.

Metroversity is an option in Spring and Fall semesters only. There is no Summer Metroversity system.

UofL students going to other schools in the Metroversity system:

1. You must be registered as a full-time student (12 hours undergraduate or 9 hours graduate), of which no more than 6 credit hours (or up to 8 hours if two 4 hour courses) may be taken away from UofL.

2. Obtain the Metroversity registration form from the Registrar’s Office at UofL or from the Kentuckiana Metroversity website at

3. Complete the Metroversity Form and have it approved by your academic advisor.

4. Bring form to the Registrar’s Office to obtain the Registrar’s stamp.

5. Register for your courses including the Metroversity holding class found in the Schedule of Classes under the course title metroversity---choose the one for the school you will be attending and enter the credit hours for the course.

6. Complete registration at the visiting institution as directed by your host Registrar.

Students Visiting UofL

Your eligibility for classes is determined by available class space.

1. Obtain all necessary signatures on your Metroversity Form from your home school. No more than 6 credit hours (or up to 8 hours if two 4 hour courses) may be taken at UofL.

2. You must bring your completed form to the Registrar's Office located in the Houchens Building, Room 31, from August 17-21 for Fall 2020 and January 6-12 for Spring 2021 to ensure processing, provided space is available.

3. Special course or lab fees are the responsibility of the student and must be paid by the end of the first week of classes.  Online classes taken here by a Metroversity student requires payment of the on-line fee. These rates are available at: Students are charged in full for online courses according to those rates even if taking a full-time course load.

The University reserves the right to limit participation in the Metroversity program.

Click on the link below for more information about the Metroversity program.

Kentuckiana Metroversity