Campus Updates

October 2022

University of Louisville Interim President Lori Stewart Gonzalez has initiated a series of President’s Campus Updates to share information with and take questions from the UofL community. Each month, Dr. Gonzalez will give a campus overview and top university officials will share information about their respective areas.

The October session featured Dr. Gonzalez, Interim Provost Gerry Bradley, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lee Gill and Vice President for Human Resources Mary Elizabeth Miles.

A recording of the video is available for those who missed the session.

Questions and Answers from the Campus Update

In Person Note Cards

This work is in the scope of the project and is underway. Job duty changes which require job profile updates will be captured during the study. The implementation and rollout of the results from the compensation and total rewards study are scheduled to occur during the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2023.

Recommendations are being prioritized, and the diversity division along with other university collaborators, will be tasked with follow up and deliverables.

The university’s commitment to being a premier institution fighting against racism is a bold step. The language can be word-smithed, but it remains an important standard to achieve.

Despite the unfinished K-12 education we are experiencing with our students, our central and unit initiatives have kept our vulnerable students on track and our retention #’s are back at pre-pandemic levels and teeing us up for exceeding these targets in the future.

On the diversity front, we are pleased to report that:

  • New positions are being hired and others being purposed that will support DEI strategy and training efforts across the university
  • A corporate chief diversity officers group has been formed, including chief diversity officers of major businesses and corporations, to advise and collaborate with the university regarding DEI initiatives.

The Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2025 is in its final stages of approval. Once approved, we ask that all employees read the plan, support the plan and determine how your role on campus can help influence the desired outcomes of the plan. Our last strategic plan set us up for success in many ways. We can thank the last strategic plan for our much needed and very successful Employee Success Center and more recently, the establishment of the Center for Engaged Learning, just to name a few. We look forward to the next strategic plan that will guide our actions to be a Great Place to Learn, Work, Discover and Connect and we cannot do it without your help, support and influence.”

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Stride trainings are part of the ATHENA grant. They offer two in the fall and two in the spring. The grant concludes after this year and after we onboard our new Director of Faculty Inclusive Excellence, we will review sustaining Stride and scaling up the training capacity.

Wage increases have not been frozen at the University of Louisville during the compensation and total rewards study, although reclassifications have been limited during this period. The compensation and total rewards study is scheduled to end on June 30, 2023. Our current compensation structure does not outline clear paths for career progression. The new compensation structure and accompanying policies will provide employees with career pathways for progression with well-defined criteria to facilitate advancement opportunities.

Upcoming Campus Updates

Kornhauser Auditorium
November 30, 4 p.m.